Volunteer with the Mellowhood Foundation this Summer

Volunteer with the Mellowhood Foundation this Summer

People on the Premises Program Returns this Summer

The Mellowhood Foundation is planning to revive its successful POP program.  Funded by a federal grant administered by the City of Madison, POP stands for People on the Premises, and responsible and capable adults who will oversee the safe passage and positive mentoring for youth in critical areas near Good Shepherd’s Madison campus.  During the summer months, the POP team will be on site in the afternoon and early evening at the strip mall and the Meadowood Park and the spaces in between.  Again, the purpose will be to a provide friendly, positive and encouraging presence in places where youth are active.  In both cases, the goal is to be pre-emptive and positive so as to reduce potential violence and/or disturbances.  Mellowhood piloted POP in 2017, which led to its inclusion in this new grant.

Mellowhood will be hiring paid POP team members.  However, we are looking for 2-4 Good Shepherd volunteers to join these teams for a regular shift a couple of hours a week.  The purpose will be to a) support the POP team members and b) to have a close up, first hand experience of interacting and engaging with neighborhood youth and adults.  The Mellowhood Foundation appreciates the enormous support provided to the Mellowhood Foundation and we see this as a way to deepen the ties between GSLC members and the wider community.

The hours of on site People on the Premises are from 12-8 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday.  They will begin July 1.  Training will be available for all POP employees and volunteers.  Pastor Joe, jbrosious@gslcwi.com.

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