Living in the In-Between

Advent is an in-between time of year. It is a season between the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas, yes.  However, Advent is also about what was and what is to be.  It is about what has already happened and what has yet to occur.  It is a time of joyful expectation as we worship God waiting for the coming of Jesus Christ into our world, into our hearts and into our homes.

As Christians, we are called to live our lives fully in the world.  As human beings, however, we know all too well the realities of life: the joys and sorrows, triumphs and setbacks, the loves and the losses of being alive.  We do live our lives fully.

Yet, we also live expectantly.  Christians live life in the here and now and but we also live in anticipation of the life yet to come.

Sermon Series

Week One

Looking for the Fig Tree

Luke 21:25-36
The coming kingdom means new life.  We miss the new life when we focus only on what is passing away, torn down or lost.  Jesus calls us to look always for the buds of spring, the first signs of new life.

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Week Two

Repent and Follow

Luke 3:1-6
John the Baptist knows that we need in-between times to consider the state of our world, our lives, our relationships and our need for the coming of our Lord, Jesus.  In a season where we long for comfort John calls us FIRST to an uncomfortable question: how have we prepared our world for the coming of Jesus?

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Week Three

What Then Should We Do?

Luke 3:17-18
John gives us a picture of not only a need for repentance but a recognition of God’s forgiveness as a first fruit of the Holy Spirit that allows us to approach the altar of judgement and forgiveness in the first place.

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Week Four

Can They Hear Us Singing?

Luke 1:39-55
The Magnificat is Mary’s Response to the annunciation of Jesus’ birth.  The silence after the presence of the holy spirit is a literal “pregnant” pause.  Do you notice people’s response to the presence of God in their lives.

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Advent Media Experience

Week One

Week Two

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