Amped Confirmation



  • December 11 & 12th – Regular AMPED
  • December 18th – No AMPED
  • December 19th – All AMPEDsters’ Christmas Party
  • January 8th and 9th – Family Night! (6:15-7:30)
  • January 15th & 16th – Regular AMPED resumes
  • February 9th – AMPED Retreat (6th, 7th, and 8th grade: girls in morning/boys in afternoon/evening – times to come)

AMPED is a confirmation program for 6th—8th graders. It is designed to foster faith development through biblical lessons, relationship building, and faith application lessons.

AMPED recognizes that students are on a continual faith journey throughout their lives. This program is not designed to be a culmination of their religious education. Rather, AMPED attempts to meet students where they are at and then challenge them, encourage them, and support them as they continue to grow towards spiritual maturity.

AMPED uses service projects, activities, lessons, worship and relationships as tools to help kids grow in their biblical knowledge as well as develop the wisdom and courage to use these things in their daily lives.

  • 6th Grade Students enroll in the Tuesday evening program at Madison Campus.
  • 7th and 8th Grade Students enroll in the Wednesday evening program at Verona Campus.
  • Both Evenings run from 6:15—8:00
  • Home School Students must also enroll to receive materials.