Mission & Vision Event



Moving Forward Together

Where should Good Shepherd Lutheran Church focus its mission to share the Gospel in the next five to ten years?
Hear the results of all the research at a special service and presentation on Sunday, June 3rd.


Exploring Next Steps

On June 3, following combined worship at both campuses, Joshua Group consultant Kristin Wiersma presented her findings from 500 church member surveys, 100 interviews and the community listening forums. Kristin shared Good Shepherd’s strengths and challenges, along with essential areas of focus for the future of the congregation and its ministry. She also provided key milestones for our church to achieve and discuss next steps in how we can best serve our neighbors and share the love of God in Jesus.

A video replay of the event, copies of her slides and a PDF version of the handout that was presented are all available on this page. For more information or any questions, please contact vision@gslcwi.com and someone will reply to your question.