Echoes of Grace – Jen Maier’s Story

Kurt and I were introduced to Good Shepherd in December of 2000, and we have loved it ever since. After meeting Pastor Tim and Tim learning of my interest in singing, he asked me to join the worship team that would lead the congregation at what was then called “West.” Little did I know, this would lead to many great friendships and prayer partners as well as musical opportunities for the next seven

The group rehearsed at Central, but we transformed the cafeteria of Badger Ridge Middle School into a worship space every Sunday morning. We hauled in a van full of equipment and then returned it to Madison after the service. We quickly bonded with each other because it takes a true team effort, ownership, and dedication to make that type of endeavor happen, and because we met for a devotion time as part of our morning each week.

I learned there is great power in a small group because I felt that we could rely and call on each other for anything. I valued the personal relationships, the love of music that we shared, as well as my deepening connection with God. Through the wisdom of many in the group, I increased my Biblical knowledge as well as enjoyed discussing views on many topics and praying together. Of course; leading worship music together was the weekly highlight. We carried on in this way for over three years until the new church building was finished.

To this day, I cherish the connections I made with my friends in Echoes of Grace at that time. It truly transformed my faith life, and I thank God for the opportunities He gave me.

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