Pastor's Note

A Holy Conspiracy

I love a good conspiracy theory.

Now hear me out.  The word “conspire” has two Latin words at its root “con”, which means “with” or “alongside”, and “spirare”, which means, “To breathe”.  So the literal definition of “conspiracy” is “to breathe together”!  Conspiracies have negative connotations in our society because they are most often undertaken by people who are working together to the detriment of other people or issues.  But to “breathe together” can be a subversive act for positive outcomes as well!

You are invited.

And so, today, I invite you to join me in a Holy Conspiracy.  This conspiracy is not going to result in you attaining any great wealth or status in our community.  You won’t necessarily get a better parking spot or even wake up feeling like a million bucks every day.  If you join this conspiracy your boss might start thinking your weird and your family members will definitely start noticing that something is different about you.

That’s because this conspiracy that I’m inviting you to is holy, subversive and utterly useless by today’s standards.  I invite you to join me in giving thanks and praise to God every moment of your day and in every thing that you do.  The Psalms get it right when they sing God’s praises above every leader, every nation, every economic model, every story that we tell ourselves about God or each other.  God is Lord over everything (Deuteronomy 10:17).

What would our lives look like if we conspired to subvert our lives, to turn over everything that we are to God and God alone?  What would it look like if we became a church filled with people who have each committed their lives to doing that exact same thing?

What if?

Imagine, just for a moment, what kind of power, grace and mercy would be unleashed into our lives, our nation, our world if we stopped being afraid of other people just because someone told us to be?  What if we gave away all of our love, all of our reputations, all of our money, to give this experience of God’s love to just one more person… and then one more… and then one more?

Sign me up for that!

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  1. Jeff Kuchenbecker on May 8, 2018 at 2:39 pm

    Hi Pr Chris. I’m in. My managing partner has long thought that I am weird. But that’s okay with me. I’m very confident in that. Confident in God. And my family is startled upon occasion. At least they understand why.