Mission Moments

Marking Milestones

The end of the school year can bring a lot of emotions into the life of a young person – and their family.

So as we bring another year to an end, we’re making spaces for our young people to come away from the demands and the drama for some fun, some reflection, and some memory making. This week our Memorial students met for breakfast at Panera, our young women went picnicking and hiking at the park, the boys went mini-golfing, and our seniors gathered with their parents for a night of storytelling.

As Little Blessings held their closing program in the sanctuary upstairs, these seniors and their parents were in the basement reflecting on a journey that goes all too fast.

May is a time that brings lots of transitions in our families and communities. Confirmation, kindergarten graduations, high school graduations, recognitions, kids moving home from college. Not to mention the recitals, ceremonies, and state competitions. But what is happening under all of these moments and movements is life – the growing up stuff of life.

What we pray for is that in and among all that they DO, our young people are growing into the fullness of who God created them to BE.

So as we, as a community, walk through this month, let us create a meaningful threshold for our young people to walk through. Let us mark these milestones, not just with celebrations and parties, but with life giving words of blessing and prayer.(And don’t forget the parents of these young people who are also negotiating big emotions and changes)

With all this emotion at the surface of our lives individually and communally this month we ask the Holy Spirit of the Pentecost, to continue to blow and dance among us, so that we may delight in this journey of life that we take together as a body of Christ.
Blessings on the journey!