Good Shepherd News Update

Sarah Iverson named Director of Spiritual Programming & Development for Good Shepherd

Deepening the gifts of belonging, mission, and community for our whole congregation

June 18th, 2018

Dear members and friends of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church,

Over the past 11 years, Sarah Iverson has helped to grow and strengthen youth ministry at Good Shepherd. She has led our youth ministry with the heart of a servant and the character of a faithful leader. I am pleased to announce that Sarah will now be able to share her gifts with the entire congregation as she has accepted a new position at Good Shepherd as Director of Spiritual Programming and Development.

For the past two years, Sarah has been dreaming and discerning where her gifts and talents might be leading her on her life’s journey. Additionally, the results of our Vision process affirmed the need for deepening the engagement and connections to each other and to God within our congregation.

In her new role, Sarah will work alongside the pastors, staff, and committees to further strengthen the spiritual component of our current ministry offerings while seeking to create new ways for our congregation to gather together in order to create an even deeper sense of belonging, mission, and community.

The importance and value of youth ministry at Good Shepherd was also clearly identified through our Vision process. At the end of June, we will formally begin the process of calling a new Director of Youth & Family Ministry to continue to nurture the faith of Good Shepherd’s next generation.

Starting this September, Sarah will begin to transition into her new role while helping our newly called Director of Youth & Family gain familiarity with our programs and develop relationships with our youth and their families.

Sarah is a long-time, valued member of our church staff and community. She brings a deep love for God and God’s people to everything she does and this new position will allow her to bring her passion for service and spirituality to even more areas of our church life!

I am confident that we all share Sarah’s excitement for this new role and the ways she will continue to be a blessing to our entire congregation. I welcome your prayers for Sarah, this process and whomever God is preparing to send to us as our new Director of Youth & Family Ministry.


Pastor Chris Enstad


Video from Sarah Iverson