New Stephen Ministers Commissioned

Welcoming our Newest Stephen Ministers

Stephen Ministers listen to, pray with and walk beside individuals, providing supportive, Christian caring during any challenging, difficult or vulnerable time.

The following individuals have completed 50 hours of formal training and will be commissioned as active Stephen Ministers at both our Madison and Verona Campuses on Sunday March 3, 2019.

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  • Jennifer Fagan
  • Gary Fossum
  • Diane Hughes
  • Cassie Kohrs
  • Margaret Salisbury

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  • Tony Salisbury
  • Heidi Sullivan
  • Terry Sullivan
  • Dennis Wessel


Pray for our Stephen Ministers

These individuals join their fellow Stephen Ministers in their commitment to this loving ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ here at Good Shepherd and our community. Please keep them in your prayers as they carry out their supportive ministry among us.

Our current active Stephen Ministers are:

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  • Karna Boquet
  • Diane Charles
  • Pr. Sheryl Erickson
  • Mike Harper
  • Sandy Kershner
  • Gary Lewis
  • Sue Lewis
  • Sara Mc Cormack
  • Jodi Mueller
  • Diane Raemisch

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  • Margie Rohlfing
  • Vicky Ruff
  • Yvonne Sadler
  • Kathie Schroedel
  • Marilyn Sharrow
  • Luanne Szejna
  • Allan Tereba
  • Jenni Vlack
  • Mona Yee


Connecting with at Stephen Minister

Are you, or is someone in your life, experiencing problems such as job loss, divorce, grief, illness, depression, hospitalization, or any life circumstance that may leave you feeling alone, overwhelmed, anxious, burdened or sad?  The Stephen Ministers of Good Shepherd Church are skilled at supporting you through these life experiences. Stephen Ministers are available to meet in a confidential setting to provide a supportive, Christian, spiritual presence to anyone who feels the need for short term encouragement and support in their lives.

If you would like more information regarding Stephen Ministry, or are interested in meeting with a Stephen Minister, please contact any of our pastoral staff.

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