Songs of the Soul | “Survivor”

Shared by Monica Feiler

When I first started to consider writing about how a song affected me I thought ok I can do to this, but what song as there are so many songs that have deep meaning to me.  Songs that make me tear up as I am singing along in church, my car, my kitchen.

I chose Zach Williams, Survivor.  It talks about carrying the burdens of my past. The decisions I had made were not always the best. Most days, I would fall to my knees and cry in prayer.  It took me many years to open my eyes and see what God was trying to tell me.

That I am worth being rescued and being welcomed with open arms to the one place that I felt comfortable……alive in the arms of Jesus.  I felt alive when I opened my heart and became a survivor of my bad choices. God has shown me how he wants me to live my life.  I am a survivor and thank God every day for never losing hope in me.  For shaking my world so I would listen and reach out to him with all I have each day.

I encourage you to open your heart and become a survivor if you are feeling lost.  He is listening to you, just reach out and he will help you …… Survive!

May God bless you!

This post is part of our Lenten devotional series “Songs of the Soul” – learn more at gslcwi.com/lent

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