‘Our Story’ is live!

From the basement of a parsonage, onward

From 1956 on, Good Shepherd has focused on unifying the community. In Good Shepherd’s first sermon ever, Pastor J. Clemmons Peterson celebrated the “glorious tomorrow” that the establishment of the church would bring to a community with a bright future. A better tomorrow, he said, must first begin with the hearing of the Word of God today.

The church was born in the basement of a parsonage across the street from the lot that’s now the Madison campus, which has gone through five unit expansions. In the past almost 63 years, Good Shepherd has expanded in more ways than just building changes.

Our Story, which is now live on our site complete with an interactive timeline, details the church’s infancy and how we expanded from the basement of a parsonage to one congregation with two locations. Our mission has always been the same: “Reflecting Jesus’ love to transform lives.”