Creation Sunday: Celebrating and tending to the beautiful world God created

This Sunday, July 14, we’ll be observing Creation Sunday by printing fewer bulletins to reflect on our role as good stewards of the world that God’s made.

Creation Sunday is a celebration of God as our father, whose hand is in everything that is living and breathing, for creating the beautiful earth we live in. We are called by God in Genesis 2:15 to care for the world, and we do this by tending and physically caring for the world we live in. This Sunday we hope to be more mindful of how we use our resources, especially the disposable ones. If we can slow down being disposable even for one Sunday, it makes us a little more mindful in other areas of our life as to how we should be tending to reserve our resources and not necessarily just disposing them. We ask that you worship with us by foregoing the bulletin this week. Additionally, as we reflect on being good stewards of the earth and be mindful of how we use the gifts God gave us, we also ask you to consider bringing your own mug for coffee.

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