BEYOND / All We Have Is a Blessing and We All Need Help at Times

A Story from Sarah Schaettle

My first lesson in giving that I remember was as a child when I first started to receive an allowance. My father was very clear that 10 percent was to be given into the collection plate at church. When I, of course, asked why, he replied, “this is to help remember that all we have is a blessing.” In addition, he said that we all need help at times. Our church is a place where you can go when you need help, so it is important to share what you can, when you can. It was always fun to take a name off the Christmas tree and look for a way to help another child have a good Christmas. Later this prompted me to realize that there were going to be children not having much of a Christmas when they were in the hospital. The joy and surprise on their faces when I was “Santa Claus” was matched only by the happiness I felt recognizing and helping in that situation.

Sarah has been a Good Shepherd member for 25 years and works in the Madison area as a psychiatrist.

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