BEYOND / Generosity Provided an Unforgettable Opportunity

A Story from Cassie Kohrs

In January of 2013, I found out that I had an incredible opportunity; I was chosen to intern with Josiah Venture, an organization based in central and Eastern Europe that brings the news of the Gospel to high school and university aged students. I’d be spending that summer in the Czech Republic, but to get there, I needed to fundraise the cost of my trip, so I turned to my church family.  I can’t think of a time when I’ve been more blessed by the generosity of our congregation. Over 75 percent of my fundraising came from the members of GSLC.  Sent out with the love of our congregation, I was able to spend a summer that taught me so much about myself and about the Lord. My own faith was tested, strengthened, and renewed in huge ways on that trip. And I have the generosity of the church to thank for it.

Cassie has been a part of the Good Shepherd family for 27 years. She was baptized into GSLC as a baby! She currently works as a special education assistant

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