BEYOND / Giving to Others Even When You Have Little to Give

A Story from Barb Friberg

My grandparents were a big part of my youth.  My grandfather, Norman, was in the Navy in WWI, and on one of his voyages back to the States delivering the wounded, he met and married my grandmother, Anna, in Philadelphia.  Norman and Anna bought a cute little house in Alexandria, Minnesota and had two children, Robert and Dorothy. Norman had his own business and he worked really hard. They were living well until the stock market crash of 1929.  Like so many others, it really hit them hard.  They cut back on all luxuries and lived from day to day.  There were many people who were forced to beg for food.  Norman was determined never to turn anyone away. And, against the odds, some food was given to all who asked.

This is the most meaningful thing that I can remember.  Their constant willingness to help others has made me aware of those in need. I am inspired to give as much as I am able.  I am proud that Good Shepherd has so many giving ministries.  I hope that giving to those in need will always be a part of the future of serving our Lord and Savior

Barb has been a church member since 2007 after moving from Minnesota for the birth of her first grandson. She dedicates much of her time to volunteering.