BEYOND / Those Who Share Time and Love Provide Lessons in Generosity

A Story from Dan Viegut

Two men from my childhood taught me about the concepts of generosity, though I didn’t realize it for years.  The first was an uncle.  After my father died when I was just eleven, one of my uncles, Uncle Dave, stepped up to take on certain roles of fatherhood in the lives of my brothers and me.  He took the time to teach us to love the outdoors the way our father did. He taught us to hunt and fish and to simply enjoy the outdoors. He also taught us about hard work and the sense of accomplishment that comes from a job well done.  He did the same for other families in similar circumstances, giving his time and love to a dozen boys and girls.

The second man who taught me about generosity was my small group leader when I went through confirmation myself.  We remain friends to this day.  Earl, and his wife Jan, had children my age and were involved in many capacities in our church including confirmation, “Luther League,” finance, governance, etc.  As busy as he was, Earl always had time for others.

I learned first-hand from Uncle Dave and Earl the tremendous impact that generosity with one’s time can have on others.  Earl’s example influenced my own decision to become a small group leader and continues to be an inspiration.  Uncle Dave taught me that a little love and sharing time with others has a lasting, often lifelong, effect.

I am grateful that Good Shepherd provides me with the opportunity to share my time and experiences with others.

Dan has been a member since moving to Madison in 2001. He is married to Maria with two daughters Madeline and Amelia.
Dan works for a biotechnology company.