BEYOND / Emotional & Spiritual Generosity

A Story from Syrenne McNulty

Over the years at Good Shepherd, I’ve been the recipient of more generosity than I can count. So many times over the years as I struggled with mental health issues, family issues, loss of confidence and more. People have gone out of their way to devote their energy and resources to staying close to me and helping me through things. When I hear “generosity,” the first thing I think of is financial generosity, which is easy to give when times are good and can sometimes make you feel like you have nothing more to give when times are bad. Remembering that emotional and spiritual labor and guidance is also an important form of generosity and a contribution to the church community is something I find important in my day-to-day life. From generosity of time, of spirit, of money, and even of hugs or a listening ear, I see so much generosity among the congregation here at Good Shepherd that it makes me happy to count myself a member. It makes me happy to now be in a position where I can more easily pay it forward, so to speak, helping those who need help and providing comfort and love to those who feel isolated or in need.

Syrenne has been a Good Shepherd member for 22 years and is the chairwoman of the RIC Task Force. She is a freelance producer in the video games industry.