An Update from Good Shepherd’s Treasurer


As we all adjust to a period of uncertainty and change in the world, you will hear about, and probably participate in, activities to support and serve those in need. We respectfully and prayerfully ask that you also remember your financial gifts that contribute to the support that so many count on from our hardworking, dedicated church staff. Currently, approximately 50% of our revenue comes in the offering plate each week. The remainder comes from online and recurring electronic giving.  When we cannot have services in the church, we are at risk of falling behind our financial plan.

As you migrate the days and weeks ahead, please keep your church in your prayers and plans.  To continue your contributions while not attending church in person, you can mail your contributions to the church office at 5701 Raymond Road, Madison, WI 53711.   You can also enroll in simple, secure ways to give online at Enrolling in a recurring, automatic gift is an easy way to meet both your Generosity commitment and your Beyond Capital Campaign commitment even when you are not able to attend church in person.

Uncertainty is uncomfortable and scary for all.  Your continued contributions to the church will help alleviate financial uncertainty for the church staff so they can continue to focus on their work serving our congregation and community.


Wade Huseth
Good Shepherd Treasurer