Faith during Quarantine News Service

But What Can I Do?

We all want to serve, to help, to be of use to others in this time. 

The “rules of engagement” have changed but our desire to live out the teachings of Jesus are still alive. 

As other institutions, clubs, and initiatives take root and find their way in the wilderness we will try to offer you some of those ideas. Some of them may seem like something for a family or kid, but trust that an act of love at any age is a gift to the giver and receiver. 

A Dozen Ideas

Here is a list that was started by our God’s Hands and Feet service group. Stay tuned and share yours! 

  • Decorate your sidewalks, doors, windows with colorful, positive messages and/or put out yard signs 
  • Write cards/messages of encouragement for our tireless essential workers on the frontlines (for example: add it to the ”notes” section when placing online grocery orders) 
  • Go to from United Way to help local organizations directly 
  • Pack kid-friendly sack lunches for BPNN to distribute to families with children home alone (contact first to verify details) 
  • Host online gatherings to bring people together 
  • Have a neighborhood sing-along or exercise class from the safety of your own driveway or balcony 
  • Turn on Christmas lights to spread some joy 
  • Temporarily foster a dog/cat from a local animal shelter, as they are also overwhelmed right now  
  • Post notes on your mailbox or in your window showing support. 
  • Call people who are already in your circle of influence checking in on their needs, mental health, and spirits. 
  • Share links to our worship page for folks who may be looking for a church home in this season. 
  • Stay informed about how different populations of people are affected in different ways by this situation so that you can be informed and ready to help as the situation changes.