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Weekly Update from Pr. Chris | April 23, 2020

Innovation and Gratitude

We continue to navigate our way through these trying and anxious times. I am amazed at the many innovative ways the Kingdom work of God can be accomplished while coping with social distancing, stress and the fear of the unknown! Thank you for continuing to pray for and support your church!  I ask you make use of the myriad of tools we have available for you to stay connected to each other and the church:, our Facebook page, our YouTube page, and our app. 

Update on Pr. Joe

I am happy to report that Pr. Joe went home on Tuesday!  As the Brosious’ adjust to their own new realities, we join together in prayer that Joe’s healing and rehab continues surrounded, at last, by the love and prayers of his family!  Welcome home Pastor Joe!

Financial Update

Many of you have reached out to share your concerns about the financial well-being of the congregation. I am grateful to report that despite the fallout from the pandemic and the financial challenges it has caused many members, the vast majority of our members continue to show their generosity through their weekly tithes and offerings. This allows Good Shepherd to continue to fulfill its mission of welcome, forgiveness and service at a time when it is needed the most! Thank you for your generosity! There will be a more detailed report from our Church Treasurer on our financial situation in our May Messenger. Walso hope to convene an online Town Hall meeting in June to show how Good Shepherd continues to welcome, forgive and serve during the pandemic, and how we plan to move forward when things begin to return to normal. Look for more updates in the weeks to come.

I pray that you are catching glimpses of the Resurrection promises in your daily lives. Thank you for continuing to walk together as one church: many, many campuses!

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