Letter from Pastor Chris | May 14, 2020

Letter from Pastor Chris | May 14, 2020

Dear family and friends at Good Shepherd, 

I was able to see our brother, Pr. Joe, for the first time in over two months this morning and I want to give you an update on him that will include more specific information than I have been able to share over these last weeks:

  1. Pr. Joe suffered a major stroke on March 13th.  The cause of the stroke is still undetermined but the effects of it are real.  He is very grateful that there was quick action to intervene medically and we cried and prayed prayers of thanksgiving that he was not alone or in a situation where he could have hurt himself or others when this hemorrhage occurred.
  2. Pr. Joe’s strength and movement was primarily affected on his right side.  Thankfully he is moving with just a cane at this time for balance issues and his strength and coordination are slowly returning.
  3. The primary lasting effect of Pr. Joe’s stroke is speech aphasia.  While PJ knows what he is trying to say, it is very hard to understand his words.  Lynn does a great job interpreting but there were still times when we had to look at each other and shrug.  While it is clear that Joe’s brain is doing a great job healing, it is his speech that will take time to return.

Throughout our conversation Joe and Lynn kept returning to how overwhelmed and grateful they have been by the support of their church.  We will continue to walk alongside the Brosious family as we learn more about how Joe’s recovery will look on a week-by-week basis.  In the meantime keep those prayers and cards flowing!   


An update on Safer-At-Home 

Our Covid-19 Task Force will meet this Sunday to check-in and gather recommendations as we move into our summer ministry and start some pre-planning on how/when/and why we will be able to gather again as a church.  Our main concern has been, and remains, the safety and health of our community.  Our preparations, as we move forward, will include a staged return to normal operations based on the guidelines, priorities and check-points of medical professionals and local and federal government officials in conversation with recommendations from our own Task Force and then to our Church Board.  We anticipate a return to our regular life together while acknowledging that any return to normality must avoid a potential resurgence of the virus that would take a toll on the health, lives, and livelihoods of our community.  For now, I am anticipating running things “as is” at least through June with a plan emerging in the coming weeks. 

All of our decisions on worship and gathering as a church will follow our commitment and calling to protect the flock while following the best advice available to move through this fragile time.  While our immediate circumstances change every day, our mission and vision remain clear and achievable through the continued prayers, generosity and faith that continues to be exhibited every day!  I am grateful for your continued support and I know that we will be able to look back on this time with thankfulness and amazement.  Through the gift of baptism and the promises of the resurrection, we can do impossible and amazing things together!   




Pastor Chris Enstad 




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