Meet Brooke: Good Shepherd’s Summer Media Intern

Get to know Brooke

Growing up in Kimberly, WI, I always had big aspirations of eventually attending a D1 college. It was when my high school football team traveled to Camp Randall year after year for the state championship games that I truly felt that I belonged in Madison and I wanted, more than anything, to be a Badger.

I have just completed my junior year at UW, and I am on the brink of finishing a Communication Arts degree with an emphasis on radio, television, and film. I try my best to stay as involved as possible on campus aside from being a full-time student, and also working to finish two certificates. I love to play intramural volleyball with my coworkers, as I have been playing for nine years. I participate in the only long-form improv comedy team on campus, Iceberg Improv, and even co-coach our first-year team. We have monthly shows on campus during the school year and even recently participated in a college improv tournament in Chicago. I’m incredibly passionate about writing and comedy, though have yet to pursue any sort of stand-up comedy routine. I definitely prefer to work on the spot and roll with the punches. If one of my jokes doesn’t land with you, I can assure you that there will be more to follow.

My involvement also spans to multiple jobs on campus. I am a media assistant in the Instructional Media Center at Vilas Hall where I check film equipment in and out to our Communications students. This also involves running movie screenings for certain classes so feel free to test my film knowledge. My second position is working as an intramural sports programs supervisor where I act as a first responder to sports injuries and ensure that all intramural sports run smoothly. Although my heart will always be with volleyball, I am an avid baseball fan (go Cubs!) and actively participate in yard games with my friends like croquet and bocce ball. You might also find me rollerblading down State Street here and there.

Although I grew up Catholic, I always like to keep an open mind and explore how others express their faith in different ways. My values include honesty, compassion, and charity, and I try to give back to my community whenever possible. I’m very excited to be a part of the Good Shepherd media team and look forward to sharing my digital media skills in a faith-based environment. I’m here to be of help, and I’m here to be a friend. I’ll try my best to show a smile from behind a sanitary mask, and I’d love to get to know you (from a safe distance of 6ft, of course).