Thankful for Food Pantry Donations

Ask and it shall be given you.

WOW, did Good Shepherd members ever make this come true! Last week the GS Food Pantry announced we were ready to take donations again, and the results were amazing! This past Thursday, 35 cars came to the Madison campus bringing donations for the food pantry. Pre-pandemic, in a typical week, we take in about a ½ bin of groceries/toiletries and a ½ bin of grocery bags. On Thursday, members donated 3 ½ bins of groceries/toiletries and 1 ½ bins of bags – all of which was really needed. Thank you all SO much for your heartfelt generosity – our pantry coordinators were just thrilled. We will continue to take donations each Thursday, at the Madison campus, between 10 am and noon, and 5:30 pm to 7 pm. We’ll accept any donations, but especially need: Hamburger or tuna helper, tomato products (especially sauce and diced), cereal, rice, tuna, individual snack bags (gold fish, animal crackers, etc.), and cleaning products.


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