Board Minutes

Board Minutes: April 20, 2020

Good Shepherd Board Meeting

April 20, 2020

Location: Online

Attending: Board – Andrew Seaborg (President), Sara McCormack (VP), Wade Huseth (Treasurer), Bob Beggs (Secretary), Kimberly King, Stephanie Barth, Dave Vogt, Betsy Johnson, Tyler Gold, Pr. Chris Enstad. Staff – Rick Blum, Eric Holmer, Sarah Iverson,  and Rick Thomas


Opening Prayer: 6:33 Andrew Seaborg

Approval of March Special Board Minutes: Motion – Betsy; Tyler second. Minutes approved.


Financial Report: Wade Huseth

Revenues and expenses are better than plan.  Giving trends have been healthy during pandemic.  Beyond funds of $254,000 went out in January.  Maintain cash position YOY while we pay down mortgage.

Move to accept Treasuer’s report:  Sara made motion, Dave second.  Minutes approved.

PPP – Thanks to staff and Linda Zimdars at Oak Bank for their work.  $244,000 went into bank account last Monday, April 13.  We should get the entire amount forgiven in a few months.  Interest rate is 1% on un-forgiven funds.

Sara M moved to accept  financials report; Dave second. Motion Approved.


Lead Pastors Report: 6:48 Pastor Chris Enstad

Columbarium update:  Phase 2.  $14,000 loan from Foundation to the Columbarium and columbarium using $15,000 to finish phase 2.

Confirmation:  Date moved to Reformation Sunday.

Administrator’s Report:  6:56 Rick Blum

Replacement for Jodi.  She will stay through the summer.  They are offering  someone the position tomorrow.  There will be some overlap.  She will start July 6.

Mike Ward said giving doesn’t necessarily go down in recessions.  Generosity committee will meet on Thursday.  Check in with top 30 givers.  Give stimulus checks to church.  They have a few stories on this.

Estate gift:  Dewey estate.  Rick talked with attorney and communicated our preference for cash proceeds, as opposed to securities.  Estate will be wrapped up in 90 days, which is roughly June 30

$12,500 from United Way for housing in the Meadowwood Neighborhood.

600+ Easter attendance.  180 Thursday and 240 on Friday.  Is it possible to determine who’s watching who isn’t a member?

Interns:  Usually hire 1 college intern for media funded by foundation.  Might hire high school interns.


Committee Updates:  Dave, Sara, and Pastor Chris 7:10

Technology committee might be rolled into communications committee.  Rick and Pastor Chris think this is a good idea.  Wade thinks that Technology should support all facets of the church not just communications.  More to come.


Covid 19 Task Force Update:  The Task Force has only met once on March 15, but a lot of e-mails when Sara and Rick ask them questions.  They are a very responsive group to all questions.


President’s Report

Andrew:  7:20

2020 Budget:  Lots of variables.  Pastor Joe, PPP, pandemic, inheritance.  Should we do a rolling 3 month budget, 6 month, 12 month.  Lot of guesswork.  Need a budget by the end of June and it needs to be approved in a virtual annual meeting.  Need to check constitution on voting virtually.  Quorum is 70.  C 10.05  in constitution vote by proxy or absentee ballot isn’t permitted.  We need to notify people 10 days in advance of meeting, so we could put this info into June messenger.

Whatever we decide we need to be transparent to congregation.  It’s going to be a high beta year with a range of outcomes.


7:47 Sarah, Eric, Jared, and Rick joined

Eric:  Communication pieces.  Good weekly rhythm to social and spiritual communication.  More people are using the app.  Might need more investment.  People still figuring out how to do virtual worship and coffee hour.  Trying to provide support.

Sarah:  Eric has built the on-ramps quickly and people are using them.  Nice rhythm.

Jared:  Things are going well.  Fun to worship in Verona and work with Sarah and Becca.  Eric and Rick are doing a great job with slides and new camera.

Verona music director position:  Jared: Interviews this Friday and Monday.  9 applicants and 4 interviewees.  3 very good candidates.  1 very promising candidate.  They all have contemporary experience. 3 of them have organ experience and could be used interchangeably with Jared at both campuses.  Rick:  Difficult to offer someone a job when church is still closed.  Good for Jared to be exposed to Verona people.  Jared would be hesitant to hire someone without seeing them in action in person.  Music directors  have a hiring season that is typically over the summer, so if we don’t get them now, we might not be able to hire them until after Christmas at the earliest.

Is it possible to provide some tech support to our older members who are still struggling to access our virtual offerings?

The Foundation can provide money to GSLC for either the music director position or for facilities.  Eric and Rick what are our technology/facility needs?

Motion to adjourn by Dave, second by Sarah.  Motion carried.

8:32 End with Lord’s Prayer.


Respectfully submitted,



Robert Beggs



Good Shepherd Mission: (Proposed) In response to God’s love and grace we…Welcome as we have been welcomed, forgive as we have been forgiven, serve as we have been served.

Good Shepherd’s Vision: (Proposed) By the grace of God and the love of Jesus Christ, we will meet each person where they are, and invite them into transformative relationships with God, each other, and the communities in which we live and serve. We will cultivate and empower lay leaders to support this life-changing work at Good Shepherd and beyond.