Board Minutes

Board Minutes: August 19, 2019

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

Board of Directors Minutes FINAL

August 19, 2019 (6:30 p.m.)

Madison Campus – Good Shepherd Room



Present:  Tom Golden (VP), Wade Huseth (Treas.), Sara McCormack (Sec.), Pr. Chris Enstad (Staff), Kimberly King, Ellen Franzone, Stephanie Barth, Bob Beggs, Andrew Seaborg (President) by phone


Tom called the meeting to order at 6:32p and welcomed Andrew by phone.  Pr. Chris opened with prayer.


Pr. Chris led the book review of “Canoeing the Mountains,” chapters 3-6; Discussion of congregation’s trust and our credibility, and how we grow.  The growth via programs from 2008 with Pr. Tim is no longer sustainable and we need to redefine success.  We want to increase board visibility to enhance trust and to clarify shared values.  The board needs to emphasize the vision.  Pr. Chris and Rick feel the staff is healthier now.


Wade moved to approve the June 17 minutes; Stephanie seconded with changes per Tom.  Motion carried.


Financial report – Tom thanked Wade and Rick for carrying us through the changes;

Wade reported that Diane is doing well and that QuickBooks reporting is starting.  Formats will be different from in the past and far easier to see.  The September reports of August financials will use new software.  We are on budget without the Nemec gift, looking at what’s in the bank in addition to how we’re doing against budget (fund accounting).  Bob moved and Sara seconded to accept the financial report.  Motion carried.


Wade will present a new cash management policy at the September EC and October board meetings.  It was not ready in August due to a lack of quorum of the finance committee in August.  Rick asked the finance committee to let him know if there are additional metrics to add to dashboard.   The finance committee decided to publish financials to congregation quarterly.


Kimberly reported that the Outreach Committee is focused on its charter.  Tom (and other board members) are concerned with a proposed name change to Social Action Ministry.  We’d like additional conversation regarding the name.  Sara moved to approve their charter, and Ellen seconded; motion carries.


The Inreach and Congregational Care (ICC) committee provided its proposed charter.  Pr. Chris moved and Bob seconded to approve.  Ellen mentioned that the committee are planning an 8/25 retirement party for Lynne Kroger.


Tom wants to hold the rest of the charter approvals that have been submitted for the September EC meeting so the board has time to review.  He asked that comments be emailed to Sara or Andrew.


Kimberly reported that Hospitality Committee is focused on its charter and volunteer training.


Tom presented an update on the RIC Survey.  To date, voting is 91% in favor of the statement and 9% no.  Pr. Chris noted there is a loss of a few members that either disagree with the statement or think we’re not moving fast enough.  The RIC has had a 30-month process.  Pr. Chris believes Syrene is doing a wonderful job in leading and moving us forward and asked for prayer for her.  It will allow pastors to provide pastoral care to ALL members.  He’s thankful for board support of the process as we talk about hard things with congregation.  Tom talked about disenfranchisement and the need for love so we’re not piling on more pain at church.  Ellen moved to endorse the RIC statement and call a congregational meeting re: becoming an RIC congregation.  Andrew seconded.  After discussion, Ellen amended her motion to be contingent upon at least 80% in favor of the motion on 8/24 when voting closes.  Andrew re-seconded.  Motion carries unanimously.


Pr. Chris reported on the capital campaign.  Bob and Ronda Beggs are chairing and have had two steering committee meetings.  They’re in the process of filling additional leadership roles.  Rick is handling the mechanics of the campaign.  The campaign engages 150 volunteers at some level, including leadership.  Every member will receive a visit.  Pr. Chris envisions us returning fearlessly to God’s call as to how to spend the $275k that we’ll be saving.  There is much work to be done now through 9/24.  Tom thanked the committee.  The consultants ask that we us hold off on asking for large donations for now as we explore our shared goals.


Lynne Kroger is retiring after 50 years at GSLC and will be celebrated on August 25 at noon in Peterson Hall.  She will be presented with a plaque to dedicate the kitchen to honor her and as a reminder of how we are to welcome, forgive and serve.  Pr. Chris moved to rename the Kroger Kitchen; Kimberly seconded.  Motion carries unanimously.  Ellen moved that the board honor and thank Lynne.  Wade seconded.  Motion carries unanimously.

Thank you to Sarah Iverson for a great job organizing a party planning committee; Pr. Sheryl will emcee the event and Rick B. will produce.

Pr. Chris’ reported that SCWS Bishop Viviane Thomas-Breitfeld resigned and there is now an acting Bishop and plans for a new election are taking place.  The upcoming election and budget meeting will be held this fall at our Verona campus.  The synod being a sanctuary denomination was approved at national meeting, which could have possible political implications.

Andrew discussed the board’s leadership transition with Gerry’s resignation due to fatigue and health problems.  Andrew’s focus/goals as president for the rest of 2019 year are:

  1. Continue to communicate with congregation regarding finances
  2. Implement shared leadership
  3. See RIC process through
  4. Capital campaign

In the new year, he’d like attention paid to enhancing worship and music at Verona.


Tom thanks Andrew for stepping up as Gerry’s resignation was a surprise.  Thank you to Gerry for his service during a transitional period.


Tom noted that the EC minutes will be approved by the EC in September.  Please let Sara know of any changes.


Tom and Pr. Chris noted that board service should be joyful, and we have a difficult task to change the culture.  Tom appreciates the board’s support as we work towards adaptive leadership.


Tom asked the board to review the committee updates in the packets.


Rick reported that work is being done for Taste of Good Shepherd.  Our new ap is now live.  He asked the board to be in the narthex on 9/15 as children’s ministry begins, and 9/22 for the Connections Fair.


Sara updated the board on the shared leadership task force.  We’re working on board on-boarding plans, and congregation commissioning services through the Worship Committee.  Tom thanks the task forces for their service.


Action Items:

  • Read Ch. 7-11 in Canoeing the Mountains – all
  • Present cash management policy at September EC meeting – Wade
  • Review submitted committee charters and updates. Comment to Andrew or Sara for Sept. – all
  • Update assigned committees on board status of charters – all
  • Be present and visible at 9/15 and 9/22 church services to support church school and Connections Fair – all
  • Pray for RIC and Syrene – all
  • Pray for the implementation of our Vision – all


Rick read intern Peyton David’s blog on final day from her final date, highlighting both the diversity and unity of our congregation.


Tom adjourned the meeting at 8:15p with the Lord’s Prayer.


Respectfully submitted,




Sara McCormack



Good Shepherd Mission: (Proposed) In response to God’s love and grace we…Welcome as we have been welcomed, forgive as we have been forgiven, serve as we have been served.

Good Shepherd’s Vision: (Proposed) By the grace of God and the love of Jesus Christ, we will meet each person where they are, and invite them into transformative relationships with God, each other, and the communities in which we live and serve. We will cultivate and empower lay leaders to support this life-changing work at Good Shepherd and beyond.