Board Minutes

Board Minutes: June 17, 2019

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

Board of Directors Minutes

June 17, 2019 (6:30 p.m.)

Verona Campus – Room 6


Present:  Gerry Born (President), Wade Huseth (Treas.), Sara McCormack (Sec.), Pr. Chris Enstad (Staff), Kimberly King, Ellen Franzone, Stephanie Barth


Absent:  Andrew Seaborg (VP), Bob Beggs, Tom Golden

Guests:  Syrenne McNulty – RIC Task Force, Pastor Dara

  1. Gerry called the meeting to order at 6:28p


  1. Chris led the opening prayer, and a review of “Canoeing the Mountains,” chapters 1 and 2 covering leadership, and the role of the congregation (not the synod) as missional. At the August meeting, we will cover Ch. 3-6; October, Ch. 7-11; and December, Ch. 12-epilogue.


  1. The April 22, 2019 minutes were approved by general consent.


  1. The RIC Task Force Presentation was made by Syrenne. The task force has met for two years of intensive work and provided numerous listening opportunities to the congregation for input and feedback across numerous topics and media.  There were few repeat participants at events. Discussion originally centered around what is this, and where are we?  We’ve moved into a space of “how do we reconcile exclusion Good Shepherd may have caused?”  She presented a working draft of a welcoming statement, created from four rounds of writing.  The board and Pastor Dara were appreciative of the task force’s efforts and like the statement draft.


The task force would like to put the statement draft in front of 100 members by 7/31 for feedback.  The next step would be a survey announced on Sunday, 8/4 at worship services, using the Joshua group format.  The survey would be open through 8/26, and available to be taken online and on paper.  If the survey shows 75% positive feedback, they would like to schedule a vote to accept the welcoming statement at a congregational meeting in October.  If less than 75%, they would continue working.


Action items for the board:

  • Good Shepherd has no defined metric for what is required to having a same sex/gender marriage at GS and are looking to the board for a decision. This is NOT the same as statement.  Task force needs to have an answer when asked by congregation by the time of the congregational meeting.
  • Personal response to the welcoming statement – Several board members felt the statement was well written and enthusiastic about embracing it.


  1. Wade presented the May Financial Report
  • There is a change in the finance team with the departure of Linda Baaske. Rick has stepped up to make sure no balls are dropped, and is working with Diane W.    The financial basics are getting done and payroll met.  The finance committee met 6/10, but have not thoroughly reviewed the May finances due to timing.  The committee will take time 2-3 months to evaluate current processes and tools.  Andrew & Wade are meeting with a consultant to advise on tool changes.  They will make a recommendation to the board in September or October as to our hiring needs.
  • Wade reported on how the $128,000 Mission in Motion dollars were assigned. Despite his due diligence through Wegner CPA, there is still confusion as to whether the money is in restricted or unrestricted accounts.  The Finance Committee is frustrated, but still digging.  They plan to make a recommendation to the board at the August meeting, including how to be transparent.
  • They plan to create a cash management policy to create reserves for a rainy day.


  1. The Technology Committee report was postponed due to Tom’s absence.


  1. Pastor Chris reported:
    1. Joe is working on a guest management software system; he and Eric are working on an ap through Apple
    2. Capital Campaign is assembling a steering committee; four of the five committees have chairs and they are meeting Monday, 6/24. Campaign co-chairs are Bob & Ronda Beggs; Giving chair is Phyllis Wiederhoeft; Inspiration (stories) chair is Ann Barrett; Events chair is Jessica McCarty; the Info chair is needed. There will be two couples in charge of home visits (one per campus) with info and inspirational packet.  The campaign is scheduled to dovetail with this year’s stewardship campaign.
    3. The dashboard that Rick creates will continue as a board information piece since there are no stories to go along with it as explanation. Ushers need to be trained to do a correct attendance count.
    4. There is a decline attendance at the Verona campus 9am service.
    5. We are working to have the Verona campus annexed into the City of Verona. It is currently in the City of Madison, Town of Verona and Dane Co. The process was approved by our prior board.  The board had approved to update our signage to digital, but was put on hold due to budget.  The board is being asked by Steve Frei to re-authorize the process and the sign is being designed. The filing fees to be paid to City of Verona are $1,200, and Steve is requesting up to $3,000 for the signage.  Sara moved to approve, and Wade seconded.  Motion carries.


  1. In the President’s report, Gerry asked that board members serve as interim committee chairs for committees with vacancies. He noted that the board had received the May Executive Committee minutes and requested feedback.


  1. Sara presented the Congregation May 19 Meeting Minutes and requested feedback.


  1. Sara met with Eric to continue to implement the Shared Leadership Task Force plans:
  • The contact information for the board needs to be published in the Messenger, binders, enews, the congregation can reach out to Andrew, our VP/Information Officer. The address is
  • The drill down of board members with their bios has been created on the website.
  • There is now a separate section for the Executive Committee
  • The Communications committee will have full website training for committees and board members so they can do their own posting in the fall. In the meantime, all communications should be sent to:
  • The 4/22 board minutes have been approved by the board and the summary will be posted on the website, and the July Messenger.
  • The full minutes will be posted on the bulletin board at each campus that is being created.
  • Eric plans to have the board pictures posted on the digital signage by this fall.
  • Mike H. has reached out to Pr. Chris to develop nominating committee communications.
  • The communications/website submission info should be added to the binders.

The board would like feedback from the task force about the following:

  1. The Finance committee plans to create a financial scorecard to be posted in the Messenger and website, but the formatting is taking some time. The scoreboard will be designed to Inspire confidence, but not drill into minutia.
  • They would like some feedback on where the scorecard should live – on the board page, or on the Financial committee page?
  • Training of the board will begin after new financial statement formats are set.
  • Tom and Gerry would like feedback regarding a format for the on-boarding plan for new board members.


  1. Sara shared handouts from the synod assembly on faith growth and leadership


  1. Gerry reviewed actions items.


  1. Sara moved to adjourn at 8:25, and Stephanie seconded. Motion carries.


  1. We closed with the Lord’s Prayer


Respectfully submitted,


Sara McCormack



Good Shepherd Mission: (Proposed) In response to God’s love and grace we…Welcome as we have been welcomed, forgive as we have been forgiven, serve as we have been served.

Good Shepherd’s Vision: (Proposed)   By the grace of God and the love of Jesus Christ, we will meet each person where they are, and invite them into transformative relationships with God, each other, and the communities in which we live and serve. We will cultivate and empower lay leaders to support this life-changing work at Good Shepherd and beyond.