Executive Commitee Minutes: September 16, 2019

Executive Committee Minutes FINAL

Monday, September 16, 2019, 5:30 p.m.


Location:  Pr. Chris’ office

Present:  Pr. Chris Enstad, Andrew Seaborg, Tom Golden, Wade Huseth, Sara McCormack, Rick Blum


Andrew called the meeting to order at 5:32p.


Devotions—   Pr. Chris led us in centering prayer to consider what called each of us to Good Shepherd and the Holy Spirit’s role


Minutes from July 22 Executive Committee meeting and from the August 30 Executive Committee meeting were approved without objection.  The minutes from the August 19 board meeting were reviewed.


Financial update was given by Wade.

  • Our financials remain status quo. The Nemec income has not been included, but some is being spent.
  • Quick Books conversion is mostly done; the formatting of financial statements will be done in September, making them simplified but informative. Consultant Jamie is proving to be a good fit for our conversion, training & support; Diane has stepped up well in implementing.
  • Fund accounting – In the past, profit & loss were presented with narrow a view of the finances. We will add how much is in bank and where will it be spent.
  • Cash management policy from finance committee as recommendation for full board will be sent to us by Wade. It will designate targets for savings accounts to guide future discussions.  They are recommending three accounts –
    • operating (3 months of budgeted expenditures $400k 2019)
    • 6 months of budgeted expenditures for rainy day spending
    • replacement reserve for capital reserves. Goal of $250k with increase over time to be 5% of property church owns or $650k. This will be presented to the board in October. Thank you to Wade for discerning best practices.  These guiding principles will be used to evaluate financial relationships.  While we need to be aware of our fiduciary responsibility, it will not be done at the expense of our church’s vision and mission.


Pr. Chris reported that Beyond… is in the middle of recruiting for temple talks.  Each will be 3-5 minutes in person or videos to encourage Lead gifts.  Four teams are up and running and doing well and are a good mix of old and new members.


Administrator’s Report – We went into closed session at 6:04p.  Closed session ended without objection at 6:13p.

  • Dashboard was reviewed.
  • Tom moved and Sara seconded to give the staff a half day off on Easter Monday instead of Easter Friday. Motion carried.


Connections Fair – Rick asked that the pastors announce the fair at each service on Sunday.  He also asked that board members attend and make themselves visible.

Board Liaison for Facilities – Andrew is tabling until next year.


The HR/Organizational Development Committee will meet during the November EC meeting.


Committee charter and name change report was given by Sara.  We will table the charters until the October board meeting.  Pastor Chris moved and Sara seconded to approve the requested name change from Adult Faith Formation to Spiritual Formation.  Motion carried.  The name change of Outreach was tabled.


RIC Congregation meeting – We discussed the meeting based on answers to Eric Holmer’s questions:

  • What is being voted on? We’re presenting a welcoming statement crafted by the RIC task force, endorsed by the board, and are looking for an advisory affirmation by the congregation as guidance for the board in setting policy. The board will dictate policy as part of our normal process.  A congregational meeting is not required by our Constitution, but we seek to increase trust and transparency with the congregation.  We will present the timeline of how the RIC congregation process progresses and how to live into it.  ELCA and synod are already RIC and GSLC will come under that umbrella.
  • Who is able to vote? (Age, membership status, etc.) – confirmed members.
  • How is the vote decided? Straight up vote by majority by paper ballot unless someone moves for voice vote.
  • Do you have to be present to vote? Yes, proxies are not an option.
  • What if we have questions about the vote? Once there is a motion and second, the floor will be opened for discussion. If needed, two lines will be formed of pro and con supporters, alternatingly given the floor until time runs out.  There will be a two-minute maximum per person.
  • How will voter eligibility be decided? By the honor system for confirmed members.
  • How will details be communicated to members, staff? TBA


Eric Holmer joined the meeting briefly to discuss the above for implementation of the communication.


Tom noted that the nominating committee will begin meeting soon.  There will be three openings with Ellen, Tom and Gerry leaving the board.


We adjourned with the Lord’s Prayer at 7:38p.




Respectfully submitted,





Sara McCormack



Good Shepherd Mission: (Proposed) In response to God’s love and grace we…Welcome as we have been welcomed, forgive as we have been forgiven, serve as we have been served.


Good Shepherd’s Vision: (Proposed) By the grace of God and the love of Jesus Christ, we will meet each person where they are, and invite them into transformative relationships with God, each other, and the communities in which we live and serve. We will cultivate and empower lay leaders to support this life-changing work at Good Shepherd and beyond.