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Executive Committee Minutes: March 30, 2020

Good Shepherd Executive Committee Meeting

March 30, 2020

Location: Online

Attending: Board – Andrew Seaborg (President), Sara McCormack (VP), Wade Huseth (Treasurer), Bob Beggs (Secretary), Pr. Chris Enstad. Staff – Rick Blum, Sarah Iverson, Eric Holmer

Opening Prayer: 5:33 Andrew Seaborg

Financial Update: 5:35 Wade

Giving Trends:   March ’20 giving is running at 2/3 of March ’19.  2019 numbers contained some large gifts and largely impacted the first two weeks of March, when we had in-person services.  The on-line giving the last 2 weeks of March is keeping pace with the last two weeks of 2019.  There was $6,000 of giving in Breeze this past week and normally this is $2,000.  No additional giving appeal from Wade until after Easter, if necessary. 

BeyondNo big change. We have $21,000 that could be applied to principal reduction.   The decision was made to retain this money as opposed to sending it on to Thrivent.


Out of an abundance of financial caution, given the current situation, the EC has decided to retain the $21,000 of Beyond funds instead of remitting to Thrivent.

Wade made motion.  Second from Sarah.  Motion Approved.


Sarah Iverson and Eric Holmer joined at 5:45.

Sarah Iverson

Sarah says we are in a good place.  Clarified how we want to be present for people and come together.   Church staff are calling people to check in.  Jared(choir), Pastor Sheryl(inreach), Joanne(Sunday school participants), Sarah(prime timers).

Eric Holmer

Eric has developed a weekly calendar of what’s going on at GSLC.  He is going to add Sarah’s daily devotion.  The contemplative group is doing Thursday nights at 6:30 weekly and they will be adding Holy Yoga from Becky Baumbach.  Wednesday night church services will continue.

Listen to the needs of the people and build some capabilities around that.  What does discipleship look like remotely?

The church members are beginning to get the rhythm of the app and website.  We need to codify the things that we are currently doing.

Eric discussed additional software/hardware/service needs that are being created by an all-digital offering.  He purchased a new piece of hardware(display monitor) to help with the service and he might buy another video camera.  We also might need to add additional capacity to our Mailchimp subscription.  In addition, we needed to increase the internet service speed.


            Back to Wade at 6:23.


The Oak Bank line of credit was renewed as a normal course of business.  If utilized, the rate of interest is the prevailing prime rate.

            Cares ActNothing to do today.  We have time to figure it out.   Purpose is to keep people employed.  SBA normally doesn’t apply to churches, but it appears that this act allows churches to be included.  SBA will release rules this Friday.  It will pay for 8 weeks of payroll expenses.


President’s report:  Andrew Seaborg  

We currently have hourly workers for music/daycare.  The total annual salary cost is $30,000, $2,500 per month, and comprises 6 people.  We would like to continue to pay these hourly workers in a different capacity than music/daycare give the current situation.    Rick/Jared will reach out to each person to see if they would like to continue to be paid for other jobs, other than music/daycare.

Pastor Joe’s salary:  Andrew will continue to work with Rick on a solution, contingent upon insurance company’s guidance on disability/work comp.  Are these payments tax-free?  If so, how much money would the church need to contribute to make Joe whole?


Lead Pastor’s report:  Chris Enstad

            Online programming is working well.

Holy Week Services:  Palm Sunday service will be at 10:30.  Holy Thursday and Good Friday services will begin at 7:00.  Easter Sunday will be at 10:30.

Easter Letter will include an update on church services, an Easter offering envelope and will include automated giving instructions.

Long range planning:  Right staff in place.  Board is in good shape.  Committees are improving, but not there yet.  Sarah Iverson and Pastor Chris will continue to provide improvement suggestions.




Administrator’s Report:  Rick Blum

Covid task-force:  We will continue to do the vegetable garden, but limit attendance and have people use their own tools.  We will continue to send mailings to our members.

It was determined that our Business Interruption insurance for Little Blessings won’t apply for a pandemic, therefore we don’t have coverage.

FFCRA – An e-mail will be sent to employees outlining how this new legislation could affect them.

Spending $400 to advertise on-line offerings.

The inheritance we are due to receive will be wrapped up in 3 months.  We were presented an option for securities or cash, and we opted for cash.

Discussion items for April Board meeting

Cares Act

Pastor Joe

Covid task force

Hourly workers.

Adjourned at 7:05.


Respectfully submitted,



Robert Beggs



Good Shepherd Mission: (Proposed) In response to God’s love and grace we…Welcome as we have been welcomed, forgive as we have been forgiven, serve as we have been served.

Good Shepherd’s Vision: (Proposed) By the grace of God and the love of Jesus Christ, we will meet each person where they are, and invite them into transformative relationships with God, each other, and the communities in which we live and serve. We will cultivate and empower lay leaders to support this life-changing work at Good Shepherd and beyond.