Hymn Sing | Music Mondays

Hymn Sing | Music Mondays

Join in and sing these classic Lutheran hymns!

Last month I  enlisted the help of the worship team to put together this hymn sing to take the place of our monthly Primetimers program! It’s too fun to not share beyond that audience!

This is a collection of what many would call “The Good Old Songs!” Others would say this is “The Real Hymnal!” Others would say “I don’t think I know these songs.”

As we continue to worship across campus, service, and generation we are all finding ourselves exposed to different songs, different arrangements, and different sounds. And isn’t that great? The Spirit has been active in every generation, inspiring lyricists and musicians. The good hymns are not a thing of the past – nor have they only just begun!

Music is a powerful part of worship – it is a vessel through which we cry out. We cry out our joy, our fear, our grief, our praise – and we all seek to do so authentically. Different rhythms, words, and arrangements allow us all to cry out in our most authentic voice. Similarly some songs become our “home” either for a season of our faith or a lifetime.

This season has been a rich opportunity for us to learn the “home songs” of others and in learning each other’s “home songs” to grow in our understanding of God’s presence among us as a people. There are some beautiful lyrics in these older hymns – telling the story in a vernacular of that time. Many current artists are telling the same story – sometimes even borrowing these words.

Either way, whether this is a collection of your “home songs” or a new hymnal for you, I hope you enjoy! And I hope that, as we continue in this season, we sing our “home songs” loudly but also stretch our repertoire – by doing so we may also find the Spirit growing and stretching our faith. Now open your widows and if you know em, sing along!

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