Team World Vision Raises $16,000 in One Day

Team World Vision training for both our marathon and half marathon teams is well underway!

Because in-person group runs have been difficult to schedule due to restrictions with Covid, members are connecting on Saturday mornings via Zoom (pictured above) prior to their long runs. This has been a blessing for the team members involved as they can fellowship, talk about training tips and discuss innovative ways to fundraise for this critical ministry.

Tuesday, July 14 was an amazing day for Team World Vision Madison and nationwide. A $250,000 match opportunity was available that day and, with donations and the match, Team World Vision nationwide raised $606,464! This was the largest single day fundraising for Team World Vision ever. The Madison Team, with the matching dollars, raised nearly $16,000 IN ONE DAY! With World Vision, donations immediately go to work and we already know lives have been impacted because of that Tuesday.

Good Shepherd Members Reach Milestones

Even more exciting is that two team members from Good Shepherd have already reached huge milestones in their fundraising. Sacha Lundgren has already raised over $3,000 and Max Seeland has received donations totaling over $10,000 for this year’s race! Max raised $10,000 last year as well, however that milestone was reached after the race in last November. He’s on track to break all Good Shepherd’s past individual fundraising records!

This is unprecedented as the highest fundraising for this ministry usually takes place right before the race in late October and early November. This team, seeing the current need being so significant – both for those who need clean water as well as those in the United States being impacted by Covid – has focused heavily on fundraising throughout their training so that the impact can be felt immediately rather than later this year.

How You Can Get Involved

Your support for the Good Shepherd team continues to be important. Praying for the training, financial gifts when available and other opportunities to support, are appreciated. While we are currently at over $32,000 raised, we still have work to do to achieve our $100,000 goal.  If you are interested in supporting the team in any way, financially, with a Thrivent Action Team or planning events, please contact either Good Shepherd Team Captain, Bob Beggs at or Stephanie Christensen at

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