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Good Shepherd Foundation Continues Its Work

Supporting the Mission & Ministries of Good Shepherd

While the doors of our church buildings have been closed during the pandemic and meetings have not been taking place in person, the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Foundation has continued its work. Thanks to technology the Foundation Board was able to hold its quarterly Board meeting virtually on June 15, 2020, and was able to conduct business as usual.

The Board reviewed a motion that was approved between its February and June meetings, which was for approval of a loan to the Good Shepherd Columbarium to develop the next set of thirty-six niches. The Board unanimously approved the loan via email on April 10.

At the June 15 meeting the Board reviewed five grant proposals, all of which were approved. They included:

  • Four scholarships for students attending ELCA Lutheran colleges or seminaries this school year at $500/semester for a total of $4000.
  • A grant for up to $500 to provide signs and other communication about the Food Pantry Garden at the Verona campus.
  • $3550 was approved to support Pine Lake Camp, which Good Shepherd kids have attended for many years and the Foundation has supported through camper scholarships. The camp is closed this summer due to the pandemic.
  • With all of Good Shepherd church services and other events currently being conducted using video, the grant request for $4746 to purchase a new, upgraded video camera was unanimously approved by the Board.
  • The final grant approved by the Board was a request from the Facilities Committee to make improvements and updates at both campuses. The $33,785 approved by the Board will fund multiple projects the committee has had on its “need to do” list for quite some time but didn’t have funds to complete. The grant will fund the following projects:
    • Cost- and energy- efficient LED lighting for the Madison parking lot
    • Upgrades to the security systems at both campuses as well as enhanced security for Little Blessing Preschool, which will bring it in line with systems other daycares and preschools use.
    • Touchless water faucets at both campuses
    • Replacing the steps in the parking lot at the Madison campus.

For anyone interested in more information about the Foundation, a brochure and a Frequently Asked Questions document have been created and can be requested by contacting the church office.

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