High School Youth Trip

The Dorm Day

Updates from the High School Youth Trip to Kentucky

Co-written by Nathan Fisher (senior), JJ Jensen-Moyer (junior) and Alex Seaborg (college freshman).

The day began as we all expected. After a wake up call that most of us thought was far to early, we struggled our way out of bed and made our way to the Berea cafeteria. We were greeted by news of a new mask mandate in Madison County and adjusted accordingly. After a brisk breakfast, we headed back to the dorms excited for a day full of hiking and adventure. 
 We headed downstairs to hear the days plans, when an unusually somber Sarah announced our groups first positive Covid test.  

     The drop of a pin could be heard as we all pondered what this meant. The group was forced to either cut plans short and return to Wisconsin or make the most out of our current situation and strengthen the group project. We quickly moved to games of spoons, B. S, volleyball, and kickball, continuing to laugh and build friendships.  Following a boxed lunch outside in the heat, Sarah and Jermaine trekked to Walmart for board games, popsicles, ice cream, and art supplies.  As some of us focused on exercising and making friendship bracelets, Robin rapidly made her case for a magician as she amazed us with a spectacular card trick. Soon after, we all gathered around Berea’s basement to hear a phenomenal recap of the trip from Sarah.

     From an awkward photo in front of the bus to chicken fights in the pool and hearing incredible stories of individuals, this trip truly had it all.  Next, each one of us reflected on Sarah’s fulfilling words, taking deep breaths and thinking of everything we experienced. It is no secret there is a long road ahead (literally and mentally). Not knowing what lies ahead ties into our crazy and wonderful experience in this unfamiliar state. We weren’t always cued into what was coming next, but we took it in strides and let each destination speak for itself.  Throughout this trip, we have learned life lessons, made plenty of memories, and forever friends.  The bus ride marks the end to a beautiful beginning.