A Baja Blast of a Summer at Good Shepherd- Jake’s Summer Wrap-Up

For those who may not know, I served as the College Summer Media Intern here at Good Shepherd. My internship has ended abruptly after being offered a full-time position at a Marketing Firm in Madison. I would like to thank the entire staff for welcoming me with open arms. In the little time I’ve spent working at Good Shepherd, the church staff has become a family to me.

I would like to thank Eric Holmer, who took me under his wing to teach me about media in the church context. He taught me many computer programs that will be useful throughout my marketing career. He showed me the ropes of photography and videography. Eric even taught me how to make Holy COW pin buttons 😊 Overall, he has been a terrific mentor who helped me grow in many ways.

One of my favorite highlights from this summer was enjoying Taco Bell with Eric and the high school summer media intern, Marlone. Many tacos were eaten and laughs were shared.

After working at Good Shepherd, I learned that the church is much more than a Sunday service. They make great efforts to help others in need throughout the community. They also host many exciting events to enjoy with great food from the Holy COW. These are only a few examples that made me appreciate Good Shepherd for all they do.

The responsibility of this internship that I enjoyed most was photographing events. It felt so wholesome capturing precious moments and sharing them with you all online. I loved meeting new people in the community and enjoying delicious Holy COW food during events.

Beyond working here, I am motivated to stay connected with Good Shepherd. I am looking forward to attending events, donating, and volunteering at Good Shepherd in the future.

Again, thank you all for a great summer,

Jake Steidl