High School Ministry

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The registration for our summer trip to Kentucky is still open! Find more information here.

Everyone belongs!

High school ministry helps youth foster a deeper connection both with each other and the world. Through worship, retreats, service projects and meals, we listen and guide youth through issues and topics they're facing - from a Christian perspective. Together we form friendships and connections that can help guide life-long spiritual growth. Whether you grew up attending programs at Good Shepherd or you're new to it all, you are welcome to join us!

Want to make sure you’re in the loop?

High school ministry news is most often communicated via text. If you don’t have a cell phone or would prefer simply getting the emails (about monthly), that’s fine too. Either way, send your info to Becca (bfeldhacker@gslcwi.com) and she’ll make sure you get the updates and invites.

Becca Mortensen

Becca Feldhacker

Director of Youth & Family


Laura Clark

Laura Clark

Youth Ministry Assistant




Sarah Iverson

Director of Adult Spiritual Development



& Volunteers

Ashley Vlack
Emily Gold
Tyler Gold
Nicci Watson
Steve Johnson
Dan Feldhacker
Sam Cali
Robin Schmuhl
Diane Cali
Diane Kohrs