Staff Lenten Devotional Recommendations

Pr. Sheryl Erickson


I use Luther Seminary’s God Pause“.  It’s still my favorite.  It is a daily email with a scripture reading, devotion, and prayer.  It’s in my in box every morning, so I like the convenience, the fact that I start my day with scripture and an insight and prayer. (also recommended by Jared)

Pr. Chris Enstad

Lead Pastor

My favorite devotional for Lent to Easter is Bread and Wine put out by Plough Publishing.  From Bonhoeffer to C.S. Lewis to Kathleen Norris to Luther to Phil Berrigan (whose brother Dan had a profound impact on my own sense of what ministry with integrity might look like) there are voices from old to new here. (also recommended by Sarah)

Pr. Dara Schuller-Hanson

  • Whispers and Wildflowers by Sarah Beth Marr. Although this devotional uses a lot of masculine language for God it also includes thoughtful questions and space to journal
  • 12 Tiny Things by Heidi Barr and Ellie Roscher. Includes a calendar with ideas of tiny things to do and a blog (look for a small group opportunity led by Pastor Dara and Sarah after Lent on this book)
  • For the Beauty of the Earth by Leah Schade. Talks about creation care and is to easy read. It doesn’t dive too deep but has some wonderful ideas.

Becca Mortensen

Youth Ministry

Pray as You Go” Podcast. This devotion comes in the form of a short (10-15 minute) daily podcast, consisting of music (from choral to contemplative to world), scripture, and questions for you to reflect on and pray about. You can find it on the Apple podcast app or at Although the content is different every day, it keeps to the same basic format.

Judy Hoard


As a devotional source, Beth and I have used the Word in Season devotional for many years and have found it to provide us with inspiration, comfort, strength and sometimes to challenge our thinking.  The authors change every couple weeks, so there is always a fresh perspective to the Bible reading.  It is one of our daily activities that have remained a constant in our daily lives during the pandemic.

Laura Clark

Youth Ministry

I have always enjoyed A Word with You” which used to be on WNWC, the speaker Ron Hutchcraft has a lovely delivery. The  4 1/2 minute inspirational program features captivating illustrations and Biblical insights for daily life. Christians are challenged to a deeper Biblical faith and those without Christ are introduced to Him using non-religious terms. You can subscribe at this link A WORD WITH YOU

Joanne Zastrow

Children’s Ministry

On Being Podcast: This was recommended to me by several wise Good Shepherd woman. It calls me to think more deeply about how we live in community with each other and challenges me to consider various perspectives through storytelling, poetry and conversations. A new podcast is published weekly but if you visit there site there are a variety of other resources as well.

Sarah Iverson

Spiritual Formation
I enjoy using a resource called “Sacred Space” put out by the Irish Jesuits. It is a daily mini ritual that helps you become more attentive to God’s presence in your life. It is guided enough to keep you going but spacious enough to keep you growing. I also enjoy this because it is a worldwide resource and I find it spiritually significant to be reflecting on and praying about things with my siblings in Christ around the world. While I enjoy the printed version, you can also access it online each day at the following site

Eric Holmer


A resource that I have come to appreciate is “Fixed Hour Prayer” as described by Phyllis Tickle in “The Divine Hours.” These prayers are designed for certain times of day and are utilized by Christians around the world. There is a strong sense of community to know your words are being shared even if you are praying alone.