Pastor Joe Updates

Updates on Pastor Joe Brosious

On Friday, March 13th, Pastor Joe Brosious suffered a stroke and was hospitalized. He is currently on the path to recovery. We are working to share timely updates with the congregation as we pray for his continued healing.

April 2nd, 2020

Now in UW Rehab Facility

I am pleased to share that Pastor Joe has begun his rehabilitation on the east side of Madison. While visiting restrictions are in place please know that Lynn and the boys are very grateful for the continuing prayers and support that has been shown to them. We continue to pray for Pastor Joe’s recovery as well as peace and comfort for the entire Brosious family in these already anxious times.

March 26th, 2020

Making Progress

I am pleased to share that Pastor Joe continues to make strong steps in his recovery. He is awake and beginning physical and speech therapies. The COVID-19 restrictions in place mean that Lynn and the boys can only visit Joe via FaceTime so please continue to pray for them and for Joe in this long journey. We pray that Joe’s brain continues to heal and form new pathways of resiliency. We pray that even in this time when we cannot be next to his side that he feels the presence of our community cheering him on until that day when we can finally see him and encourage him face to face.

March 15th, 2020

Update on Pastor Joe

I have just heard from Pastor Joe’s wife Lynn regarding his latest MRI. Essentially, he will come through this and his brain was damaged as little as could possibly be.  The doctor believes that there should be no impact on movement or language, mostly just working memory.

It is still early, but this is about as positive an outcome as we could imagine. Thank you for your prayers and I will continue to update you as things develop.


March 14th, 2020 

Dear friends & family at Good Shepherd,

It is important you are brought up to date on a medical emergency involving Pastor Joe Brosious.

Pastor Joe has experienced a stroke

Friday morning, Pr. Joe began experiencing medical difficulties while at church. Thanks to the quick action of our staff, paramedics were called, and Joe was rushed to the Emergency Department at UW Hospital, where he was met by his wife, Lynn.

Medical tests determined Joe was experiencing a stroke. He was rushed into surgery where the bleeding was found and arrested. Joe is now in sedation at the Neurological Intensive Care Unit at UW Hospital in critical, but stable condition. The next days will be critical for Joe’s recovery.

Visitation Limited due to Pandemic

Because of the ongoing nature of the global COVID-19 pandemic, hospital visitation is restricted. The Brosious family asks we refrain from reaching out beyond prayers and updates I will send to you in the coming days. Please do not personally call or email Joe or Lynn.

Lynn’s parents have arrived from Ohio to help and the Brosious household is well stocked with food and good support from our staff and their friends. In times such as these, it is the nature of people of faith to seek to come together to find strength in prayer and community. Unfortunately, a global pandemic means that we cannot gather as a church community to pray.

What you can do for the Brosious Family

My friends, God knows the prayers of our hearts and the yearning of our people to be together to lift our prayers for our brother Joe and our world. As more information comes available, I will share it with you as Lynn releases me to do so. Please pray in your families and small groups for Joe, Lynn and their boys, Connor and Mason. Please pray for our staff, as we struggle to bring Good Shepherd to you in these strange times while still being present for each other, Joe and his family. Please pray for our country and our world as we head through uncharted territory.

Two other things you can do now:

  • Mail the Brosious family cards. If you don’t have their address you can mail them to church.
  • If you feel the need to physically do something for the Brosious family, include gift cards or perform acts of service in the community in Joe’s honor.

I am grateful for the love and compassion you show for each other and your partnership in the Gospel work of Jesus Christ.

We Pray Together

God, we pray today for our brother in Christ, Joe.
Surround him with your Holy Spirit of healing and wholeness.  Surround Lynn, Connor and Mason with your peace that passes all human understanding.
Bind us stronger together in the promises of the resurrection and may we all find the strength to shine your light on our beloved friend and colleague.


Pr. Chris Enstad