Advent: A Pastoral Introduction

Advent time is not our time and it is not yet Christmas time. Advent is a time that does not match our January-December calendar (as our church calendar starts in December), and the season encourages us to slow down for four weeks even as we hustle towards the joys of Christmas. But, true to the nature of faith itself, the season of Advent this year begins with stories about the end times and then moves backward throughout the month of December to help us “unwrap” the amazing gift that God gave the World in God’s Son, Jesus Christ.

“For Such a Time as This,” our theme for this Advent season, speaks to our present realities as well as our future hopes and prayers.  The story of Jesus Christ’s life, death and resurrection happened in a certain place and a certain time.  God intervened in human history in the finite life of Jesus that, then, unleashed the infinite power of God’s grace and mercy across all time and space! And that story, the story of Jesus, began back in the Old Testament, where the prophets continually pulled back the veil on God’s saving actions in and across time.

Jesus’ birth came at a specific time but the impact of his birth, life, death, and resurrection, continue to reverberate across the ages! For the first time since 2019 we will gather in the Good Shepherd sanctuaries to witness the birth of Christ, not just 2000 years ago, but again today!

Jesus’ humble beginnings happen repeatedly for those who believe. For Such a Time as This... gather with us throughout this Advent season as we explore, remember, pray, sing, and celebrate the coming of our Lord Jesus not just in that stable so long ago, but in our hearts, our lives, our homes, and our world even now.


Pastor Chris Enstad
Lead Pastor

Advent Devotional

Visio Divina

This year for our Good Shepherd Advent Devotional, we will be exploring the use of artwork as we reflect on the words from Mary’s Song from the Gospel of Luke. 


Ways to Get Connected

Spiritual disciplines


This Advent, we are inviting the Good Shepherd community to consider this kind of rest and renewal through the practice of Sabbath.


Journey through Advent

Join Good Shepherd in-person or online each Sunday in Advent

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