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What We Believe

Creeds, Confessions & the Foundation of our Faith

From confirmation through college, Good Shepherd invites youth to take steps to grow in faith through a range of ministries and faith formation opportunities.

What is a Lutheran?

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).

The Essence of Lutheranism

We are saved by the grace of God alone—not by anything we do (Galatians 2:15-16)
Our salvation comes through faith alone—we only need to trust God made known in Christ.
The Bible is the norm for faith and life—the true standard by which teachings and doctrines are judged.

A Lutheran believes

  • There is one God made known in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit (the Trinity)
  • God the Father created and sustains all things
  • God the Son died on a cross to free us from sin and guilt to raise us new life
  • God the Spirit lives within and around us calling us to follow each day

The Sacraments

  • Lutherans accept two sacraments as God-given means of grace—Baptism and Holy Communion.
  • In Baptism, God freely offers his grace and lovingly incorporates us into his Church.
  • In Holy Communion, we receive the bread and the wine—the body and blood of our Lord.
  • This gift is itself the real presence of God’s forgiveness and mercy.

A Lutheran is

  • A member of the larger body of Christ including all followers of Jesus.
  • Completely reliant on the grace of God for salvation
  • Baptized once for the forgiveness of sin and regularly receives the sacrament of Holy Communion
  • Claimed by God, marked with the cross of Christ and sealed with the Holy Spirit
  • A servant within his/her family, church and community

The Bible is the inspired word of God

  • The Bible tells the story of God’s relationship with God’s people
  • The Bible is not a rule book but a “living word” that calls us to radical change
  • The Bible is accepted as the primary and authoritative witness to the church’s faith.
  • The Bible affirms that all people have worth and dignity because we are all created in God’s image

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