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A Visible Reminder

The loss of a dear loved one is one of the most difficult things in life. How we remember, honor and care for our loved ones after death can be a difficult decision, but also an important part of the healing process.

Just as the church cemetery next to the old country church was a powerful reminder of the “Communion of Saints”, a columbarium is a visible reminder of the “Communion of Saints” that surround us. A columbarium is a vault with niches for urns containing the ashes of cremated remains.

Good Shepherd offers such a resting place on the grounds of our Verona Campus. The Good Shepherd Columbarium is a peaceful garden with a wall of niches, a statue of The Good Shepherd, places to sit and contemplate, and a soothing waterfall.

The Columbarium is available to Good Shepherd members and their families, and to friends of Good Shepherd.

Each niche contains room for 2 urns in the 11”x11”x11” space. Urns are protected from weather by a granite faceplate and secured with a patented locking mechanism.

The price for a niche ranges from $1800 to $2200, depending upon location. There is an additional charge for engraving.

To purchase a niche, or get additional information, please contact the Columbarium Administrator, Rick Blum, at rblum@gslcwi.com or (608) 271-6633.

Memorial Pavers

The walkway around the Columbarium is paved with stone pavers. Engraved pavers can be purchased as a memorial to loved ones who are buried elsewhere or interred in the Columbarium. Pavers can also be purchased to honor a friend or family member, or simply given to the glory of God. The price for a memorial paver is $200. Please contact the Columbarium Administrator, Rick Blum, if you are interested in purchasing a paver.

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