Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Helping to lead our congregation

The Board of Directors of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church is responsible for selecting, evaluating and compensating the Lead Pastor and overseeing Lead Pastor succession planning, as well as providing counsel and oversight on the selection, evaluation, development and compensation of associate pastors and senior management.

In addition, the Board reviews, monitors and, where appropriate, approves fundamental financial and business strategies and major ministry activities. Lastly, the Board assesses major risks facing the Church and reviews options for their mitigation; and ensures processes are in place for maintaining the integrity of the organization, including the integrity of the financial statements, the integrity of compliance with law and ethics, the integrity of relationships with members and the community, and the integrity of relationships with other stakeholders (such as the ELCA, other area churches, etc.).



Andrew Seaborg
Board President & Chief Information Officer
Term Expires 2021

Sara SMA 2018 cropped_DSC2136 ADJUSTED

Sara McCormack
Vice President
Term Expires 2022


Wade Huseth
Term Expires 2022


Robert Beggs
Term Expires 2022


Stephanie Barth

Stephanie Barth
Term Expires 2021


Kimberly King
Term Expires 2021


Betsy Johnson
Term Expires 2023


Tyler Gold
Term Expires 2023


David Vogt
Term Expires 2023


Pr. Chris Enstad
Lead Pastor

Availability of Board & Executive Committee Minutes

Please note, minutes for the Board and Executive Committee are posted after approval at the following meeting. 


  • Read or Download the 2019 Annual Report & Financial Report The 2019 Annual Report and Financial Report of Good Shepherd LUtheran Church is available for download in PDF format. Print copies are still available at both the Verona and Madison Campus. Have a question? Send......

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  • Board of Directors Agenda June 17, 2019 (6:30 p.m.) Verona Campus – Room 6 ☐ Gerry Born (President) ☐ Andrew Seaborg (VP) ☐ Wade Huseth (Treas.) ☐ Sara McCormack (Sec.) ☐ Pr. Chris Enstad (Staff) ☐ Kimberly King ☐ Tom Golden ☐ Ellen Franzone ☐......

  • Good Shepherd Board Meeting April 20, 2020 Location: Online Attending: Board – Andrew Seaborg (President), Sara McCormack (VP), Wade Huseth (Treasurer), Bob Beggs (Secretary), Kimberly King, Stephanie Barth, Dave Vogt, Betsy Johnson, Tyler Gold, Pr. Chris Enstad. Staff – Rick Blum, Eric Holmer, Sarah Iverson,......


  • Good Shepherd COVID-19 Task Force Meeting March 15, 2020 Noon Pr. Chris’s Office/Zoom   Attending online: Pr. Chris Enstad, Rick Blum (Dir. Of Administration), Brent Marshall (Nursing Home Facilities Manager), Andrew Seaborg (Board President), Paul Bekx (Medical Director of Department of Corrections), Kristi Jones (Director,......

  • GSLC COVID-19 TASK FORCE Minutes May 16, 2020 12 noon via ZOOM   Present: Rick Blum, Sara McCormack, Chris Enstad, Tracy Dahl, Kristie Jones, Paul Friesen, Rick Thomas, Matt Wentzel, Brent Marshall, Sarah Schaettle, Paul Bekx, Andrew Seaborg, Diane Kohrs   Welcome Devotion and Opening......

  • Executive Committee Agenda Monday, May 13, 7:30 p.m. Location: Pr. Chris’ office Time: 7:30 Devotions –  Gerry 7:30 Minutes from March Exec. Meeting – Sara/Andrew 7:35 Financial update –  Wade 7:45 Pr. Chris’s Report – Pr. Chris 7:50 Personnel Committee Items – Gerry 7:55 Capital......

  • Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting FINAL Good Shepherd Lutheran Church March 18, 2019     Attendees:  Gerry Born, Wade Huseth, Sara McCormack, Tom Golden, Andrew Seaborg, Pastor Chris Enstead (PC), and Rick Blum.   Devotions – PC played new Lenten podcast available on GS......