Board of Directors

Helping to lead our congregation

The Board of Directors of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church is responsible for selecting, evaluating and compensating the Lead Pastor and overseeing Lead Pastor succession planning, as well as providing counsel and oversight on the selection, evaluation, development and compensation of associate pastors and senior management.

In addition, the Board reviews, monitors and, where appropriate, approves fundamental financial and business strategies and major ministry activities. Lastly, the Board assesses major risks facing the Church and reviews options for their mitigation; and ensures processes are in place for maintaining the integrity of the organization, including the integrity of the financial statements, the integrity of compliance with law and ethics, the integrity of relationships with members and the community, and the integrity of relationships with other stakeholders (such as the ELCA, other area churches, etc.).


Sara McCormack
Term Expires 2022

Robert Beggs

Term Expires 2022

Wade Huseth
Term Expires 2022

David Vogt
Term Expires 2023



Elizabeth Deterding
Term Expires 2021

Betsy Johnson
Term Expires 2023

Tyler Gold
Term Expires 2023

Vern Andren
Term Expires 2024[

Pr. Chris Enstad
Lead Pastor