First Communion


What is Holy Communion?

Holy Communion is Christ himself, coming to us through bread and wine. This meal is God’s gift of grace and forgiveness, given for all.

Holy Communion instruction is available for kids in Grades K-5. Parents choose the appropriate age for their children to receive communion. Children should complete First Communion by the end of 5th grade to participate in Holy Communion during confirmation in Grades 6-8.

First Communion Instruction
We offer two family-friendly approaches that allow parents and siblings of differing ages to learn together:

  • Fed and Forgiven Group Class
  • Family-Led Learning

Families have the option of joining us for Communion Bread Baking, immediately following Fed & Forgiven group learning class.

First Communion Recognition: Children may receive their first communion during all worship services at both campuses. First Communion Recognition generally takes place on Maundy Thursday and the following Sunday.

If you have questions, please contact Joanne Zastrow