ELCA National Youth Gathering 2018

June 26-29, 2018 | Houston, TX
Day Zero

Heading to Texas

June 26th, 2018


From WI to AR

McKenzie Johns

Hey All!

What a trip so far! We started off the trip with majority of us sleeping.  As the morning went on we all started walking up and started some friendship bracelets and card games. Everyone was still a bit quiet but by the time we got to lunch we had played get to know you games and mixing it up where we were sitting to meet new people…

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Day One

Welcome to Houston

June 27th, 2018


Wisconsin Day

McKenzie Johns

As we started Wednesday, Wisconsin Day, at least in my room 5:45am, we got up got some food, got on the bus and started to finish the trek to Houston. While some slept others continued card games and friendship bracelets…

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Day Two

God’s Love Changes Everything

June 28th, 2018


Onto the Bus, Off of the Bus

Nathan Swartz

We needed to be in the meeting room promptly at 9:00, with breakfast available at Sarah’s room, to take back to our rooms to eat.

Once all were at the hotel ballroom, we got to know random other people: first in 2s, then 4, 8-ish, 16-ish, then the whole group.

Onto the bus, off of the bus.

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Day Three

God’s Grace Changes Everything

June 29th, 2018


Light Touch

Anna Thomley

Hello Friends and Family!

Today was a very powerful day both physically and mentally for all of us.  We experienced thoughts and events that we have never experienced before.  Today was a good day to reflect about ourselves and learn the role of God’s grace in our lives.

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Day Four

God’s Hope Changes Everything

June 30th, 2018


Relentless Hope

Libby Larson & Ella Chorlton

We started the day off quite early, but it turned out alright since Sarah was waiting for us at the bus with the largest amount of donuts I have ever seen. We then made our way to Galveston Texas which was about an hour away, but didn’t feel long at all due to the interesting conversations everybody was having with one another…

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Day Five

Homeward Bound

July 1st, 2018

National Youth Gathering 2018



Sarah Iverson

Diane Kohrs

Ian Coen-Frei

Kris Zimmerman

Monica Feiler

Robin Schmuhl

Zach Leonard


Valencia Cortes

Jason Ford

Jokaria McClernan

Sydney Moyes

Laura Semmann

Anna Thomley

Henry Thomson

Megan Diller

Josh King

Ella Kunstman

Charles Maysack

Chase Messner

Heather Swartz

Sophia Tollefson

Colleen Almond

Allie Barrett

Eric Blum

Ian Bogner

Jackie Grebel

MacKenzie Molander

Alec Thompson

Gerrit Brinkman

Megan Burkhartzmeyer

Ella Chorlton

McKenzie Johns

Libby Larson

Caleb Tollefson

Hannah Birschbach

Katie Freitag

Brooke Horstmeier

Annika Larson

Josie Mueller

Nathan Swartz

Alyssa Brinkman

Elise Burkhartzmeyer

Jonathan Hoeft

Cam Moll

Grace Nemeth

Kirsten Poppen

Alli Thomley

Oliver Van Note

Josh Grebel