Holy COW

Food + Faith + Music

The church was never intended to be behind four walls — the Holy COW serves as a visible reminder.

The purpose of the Holy COW is to explore the intersectionality of food, faith and music through the power of place. Bringing Jesus’ love and grace to the streets of Dane County, the Holy COW engages with the community through honest, open and equitable conversations.

Meet the COW

Mooooving into the community is the Holy COW, or the Church on Wheels — a mobile church that also serves food. Congregants and community members will see the COW around the city, connecting with people and building relationships through food.

For up-to-date information on the COW's location, see our events calendar and like us on Facebook.

General Questions about the Cow?



Want to join the Moo Crew?

Contact Rick Thomas | rthomas@gslcwi.com 

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