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Hospitality Committee

Making All Feel Welcome at Good Shepherd

The purpose of the Hospitality Committee is to help Good Shepherd accomplish its mission to “Welcome as we have been welcomed.” Our goal is to create an environment of love, fellowship and acceptance for all through a friendly greeting, welcoming atmosphere and clear information describing our faith life together.


    1. To create a welcoming Sunday worship experience by continually recruiting and training volunteers and staff to effectively perform all hospitality ministries.
    2. To ensure our facilities reflect our commitment to hospitality and service.
    3. Create simple and effective procedures and materials to welcome and connect visitors with community.
    4. Continually strive to create a culture of genuine hospitality that is reflected in our people and presence every day of the week whether in person or online.
    5. Provide regular updates to the board and congregation after meetings and annually in reports.

Meeting Schedule

The committee's next meeting will be Thursday, May 26 at 6:30 p.m. in the Verona Lobby by the coffee bar.



Annual Report

Download this committee's annual report to the Good Shepherd Congregation as a PDF.



Ronda Beggs

Staff Representative


Pr. Dara Schuller-Hanson
Staff Representative

Becky Skibo

Committee Chairperson


Vern Andren
Board Liaison
Term Expires 2020


Barb Freiburg
Committee Member

Jan Grebel
Committee Member

Linda Hoffman Olson
Committee Member

Alvis Koedam
Committee Member


Gary Lewis
Committee Member

Sue Lewis
Committee Member

Donna Maysack
Committee Member

Ryan Panzer
Committee Member

Gary Schmuhl
Committee Member

Kathie Schroedel
Committee Member

Joanne Zastrow
Committee Member