Integrating Music and Art into our Congregational Life

Objective: For Lutherans, worship stands at the center of our life of faith. The Worship, Music & Arts committee is responsible for cultivating a unified, innovative and engaging multi-generational music and arts program that enhances our worship life while connecting our members and community.


Visioning: Provide advice and counsel to worship planning.

Help recruit and oversee all worship volunteers in consultation and collaboration with the pastors, Director of Worship and Music, and Volunteer Coordinator. Worship volunteers include worship assistants, lectors, communion assistants, ushers, altar guild care, sound operators, projector operators, and camera/streaming operators.

Plan and assist with seasonal sanctuary/lobby decorations – Liturgical Arts. (e.g. Advent/Christmas decorations, Lent, Easter, etc.)

Provide input and counsel to new musical staff employment openings.

Evaluate regular worship services and special events/services.

Receive feedback from the congregation and report to the committee.

Provide guidance and support to music, drama, and other musical ministries.

Provide budget recommendations regarding worship, music, and the arts line items.

Help coordinate and facilitate concerts and special music events (programming, ushering, receptions, housing for guest participants, etc.).

Get in Touch

Meeting Schedule

Our Committee typically meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 6:30 P.M alternating campuses.

  • April 12, 2022

Recent meeting minutes are available to download as a PDF.




Annual Report

Download this committee's annual report to the Good Shepherd Congregation as a PDF.



  • Worship assistants
  • Ushers
  • Greeters
  • Lectors
  • Communion Assistants
  • Altar Care
  • Projection Assistants
  • Sound Techs
  • Camera Assistants

Dramatic Arts

Visual/Liturgical Arts



  • Good Shepherd Choir
  • Summer Chorale
  • HeartSong
  • Carol Choir
  • Jubilee Singers
  • Joyful Noise
  • Raise Praise
  • Flutessence
  • Choral Bells
  • Spirit Jam
  • HUGS - GS Ukuleles
  • Echoes of Grace
  • Joyful Harmony
  • The Deep Band

Mike Harper
Committee Chair
Term Expires 2021

Amy Miyamoto
Vice Chair
Term Expires 2021


Sara McCormack
Board Liaison
Term Expires 2021

Jared Stellmacher
Staff Liaison



Barb Bredel
Committee Member

Karen Smith
Committee Member


Pastor Chris Enstad
Committee Member


Sarah Iverson
Committee Member

Judy Kalan
Committee Member

Diane Kohrs
Committee Member


Jared Stellmacher
Director of Worship & Music

Stephanie Christensen
Echoes of Grace

Tracy Dahl
Echoes of Grace

Carrie Enstad
Jubilee Singers

Diane Kohrs
Spirit Jam

Rick Kohrs
Verona Sound Coordinator