Easter Sunday
is just
the beginning...

We invite you to a community where we all belong. Whether you are a believer, a doubter or a seeker; in Christ’s love, we welcome you. By the power of the Holy Spirit we will work to extend God’s grace, love, justice and dignity inside and outside our church.

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Worship Together
In-Person & Online
Worship is the center of our life together at Good Shepherd. We gather each Sunday to proclaim the resurrection and receive the bread of life – until Christ returns again!
  Learn about Worship in Madison & Verona
Share Your Musical Gifts

There are lots of ways to get involved with the music & arts ministry. Discover the many ways to be a part of making music at Good Shepherd.



Follow the Holy COW this Summer

We’re excited for a whole season full of meals, Music Mondays, and more – be a part of the fun and serve with the Moo Crew. Food + Faith brings neighbors together.

 Check out gslcwi.com/holycow
Help Out the Kids of Orchard Ridge Elementary

Our church is responsible for providing school supplies and healthy snacks for the kids of Orchard Ridge. Find the link to a signup form where you can pitch in on our homepage.

 Find out how at gslcwi.com
Dinner and 'The Chosen'

Join us as we explore ‘The Chosen’, the series that shares the story of Jesus in a new way. Stop by Madison Campus for the next two Tuesday nights at 5:30 p.m. as we wrap up season one and enjoy a meal.

Experience Our Summer Programs

A Galaxy of Fun awaits this summer! Registration is now open for our summer programs for kids of all ages.

 Register at gslcwi.com/summer
Groups, Gardens, & Many Gatherings!

Good Shepherd offers a variety of programs that meet regularly. Check out our bible study groups, Food Pantry Garden, musical ensembles, and more.

Support the Refugee Resettlement Ministry

Stop by for a special collection event on Saturday, April 15 at the Madison Campus from 10 a.m. til 12 p.m. to gather and organize household donations for refugee families.

 Details at gslcwi.com/refugees
Enrollment Now Open for Little Blessings Preschool

Little Blessings provides a loving, play-based program which will meet the needs of each child’s emotional, cognitive, social, and physical needs in a Christian environment.

 Learn more at littleblessingsps.com
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Some Stories of What "Next" Can Look Like

Dreaming Beyond | Living out your Calling

Jessica shares how a wide range of experiences over the years at Good Shepherd have led her to discover her calling as a deacon within the Lutheran church.

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Dreaming Beyond | Connecting through Worship Music

Music has played a big role in the life of the Perez Family. Find out how Augusto & Eva connect through music and how worship music provides a unique experience of community.

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Dreaming Beyond | High School Spiritual Formation

Watch as several high school students share about their summer trip to Kentucky and their experiences of forming deep community after years of pandemic.

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A Place for All of Us

  Bryan and Danielle had been searching for a church that would be “home” not only for them but for their little one as well. A chance encounter with the…

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You’re invited…to learn about Aphasia

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You’re Invited…to experience Welcome

Andrew knew that his time in Madison would be brief, but he knew that he wanted a church home while he completed his studies.

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Meet Kyle, BYFY Volunteer

Meet Kyle Kyle has been volunteering at the Good Shepherd By Youth For Youth (BYFY) Rummage Sale for almost 10 years. This sale is one of Kyle’s favorite weeks of…

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A Bridge Between the World and the Church

Discovering a Calling Each of us has a calling. Sometimes our calling feels obvious — other times not so much. Jessica McCarty is called to ministry and wants to help…

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You’re invited…to experience tradition

Growing up in an Evangelical church, Lester did not experience liturgical celebrations like Advent, Christmas and Easter until he attended a Presbyterian Church in Berkeley, California.

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Be willing to wait

I’m not particularly good at waiting. And I know I’m not the only one. The pace of our digital age makes waiting all the more difficult. With lightning-fast internet and…

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Celebrating Life

Greg Meyer shares part of his story to kick off our Lent Devotionals for 2022, which focus on how things are (not) as they should be.

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Dick and Barb Weaver — a love story

As Christians, we are called to love others as much as we love ourselves. Loving someone every day is not easy. Dick and Barb Weaver, however, have loved each other…

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You’re Invited…to help children feel welcome

When COVID-19 hit in 2020, parents Amber and Nathan Nelson-Smith were desperate. After 6 months of isolation from COVID-19 with their kids, they found out their twins, Amos and Lucca,…

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You’re Invited…to make others feel at home

It took an invite from a friend to move to Madison. But it took a call from someone at Good Shepherd to make it feel like home.

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You’re Invited…to Gather

Read how a long journey to the ELCA Youth Gathering impacted one teen’s life.

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You’re Invited…to Connect

Ruth has been a member of Good Shepherd for more than 40 years. But sometimes, she feels her closest connection to the church when she’s thousands of miles away.

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You’re Invited…to Serve

Susan Covarrubias was looking for a new church in 2020, right before the pandemic hit. After visiting a few locations, she found Good Shepherd – even though she’s lived on…

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You’re Inivted…to Sing

Dan always wanted to join the choir at Good Shepherd. But Dan has a learning challenge he didn’t think he could overcome.

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Faith Footprint | Rick Thomas

Rick Thomas reminded us that God is always working, even when it’s hard to hear or see. Watch his Faith Footprint from Saturday to learn a little bit more about…

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Home Communion at Good Shepherd

Sue and Louis Eifert are two of the 41 people served by Good Shepherd’s Home Communion Ministry. Their story highlights how God calls us to meet people where they are.

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