Connecting our Community with Theological Conversations

The pandemic has permanently shifted how we relate to each other and even, in some ways, to God. Our strategic plan sees Good Shepherd as playing a fundamental part in people’s lives even when they are unable to be “at church” in person. We know that even in the busyness and uncertainties of life, the Good News of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead, and what that means for us here and now, will continue to be a question that impacts all people. Your church seeks to be a part of that conversation no matter where you are.


Radical Hospitality

What does it mean to be a Lutheran? What beliefs make up our faith?

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What does Church Community Look like?

How does the church look radically different from any other organization?

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Vocation or Occupation Podcast Discussion

By Communications Team | February 8, 2023

Audio Version

Occupation vs. Vocation?

By Ryan Panzer | February 6, 2023

Our culture is more focused than ever before on jobs and occupations. There’s a growing sense that our happiness, even our self-worth, depends on finding a purposeful, impactful, and fulfilling…

Conversation Sunday Resources: A Waiting Community

By Ryan Panzer | December 6, 2022

Watch the Sermon from Conversation Sunday Questions for Discussion Do you think waiting feels difficult? Why or why not? What are some of the ways that our surrounding culture tries…

What Jim Carrey and The Grinch Taught Me About Advent

By Ryan Panzer | November 30, 2022

A Tale of Two Grinch Productions CBS broadcast the original “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!” TV special in December 1966. It’s a heartfelt holiday special with a sentimental message about…

Church Community: Waiting vs. Doing

By Ryan Panzer | November 30, 2022

A church community is so radically different from everything in our culture, because as it turns out, churches are more about waiting than they are about doing.
In Advent, we remember the promises God speaks to us. We wait for those promises to be fulfilled. And as we wait, we welcome. We forgive. And we serve.

Radical Hospitality: Resources for Discussion

By Sarah Iverson | October 13, 2022

Let’s Talk About and Reflect on Hospitality Tell a story of a time you received a memorable welcome…. What made it so memorable The extensive or elaborateness of the welcome…

Radical Hospitality: How is a gym like a church?

By Ryan Panzer | October 12, 2022

On our first Conversation Sunday, we looked at the question: “What is Radical Hospitality?” Ryan Panzer walks us through one way we can think about what radical hospitality is (and isn’t) by thinking about an experience at a local gym.

Why Radical Hospitality Matters in a Lutheran Church

By Ryan Panzer | October 11, 2022

In a culture that is so quick to judge between right and wrong, where the practice of hospitality is itself an attempt to get people to be more like us, radical hospitality is difficult work.

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