This Sunday | February 2, 2020

God’s Promise of Blessing

The Beatitudes describe who is blessed in God’s kingdom.  How do these blessings of God help us see God’s grace as transformative for us and for our relationships?  How can we meet people where they are at and help one another know God’s love?

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Weekly Announcements | Sunday, January 26 2020

Here’s what’s happening at Good Shepherd in the days and weeks ahead!

Mission Moments News

Forgive as you have been Forgiven | McKenzie’s Story

Extending Grace

What does it mean to forgive as we believe God has forgiven us? Watch as McKenzie shares a story of experiencing bullying and discovering a path to forgiveness.


Do you have 2020 Vision?

What will living out Good Shepherd’s Mission look like in your life? Join Good Shepherd’s Director of Spiritual Formation Sarah Iverson for an inter-generational gathering designed to help you think…

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Mission Moments

Welcome as we’ve been Welcomed | Marge’s Story

“My mission is to plant a seed of God’s love in each of their hearts – so that they will remember for the rest of their lives that Jesus loves them.”

Marge cares deeply about sharing God’s story with children – and helping them feel welcome and find their place in that story. Marge experienced God’s radical welcome and seeks to extend that welcome to all. Watch to learn more about Marge’s unique and engaging ministry.