Lets Talk Lent

Exploring the Season Together For some people, Lent, with its traditions, themes, and purpose, is a familiar season, for others it may be new experience. This is a gathering for…

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Sundays Worship

Lent 4 | March 14, 2021

The Sunday readings for Lent 4, year B include the visit of Nicodemus to Jesus at night. Though he is a leader in the community, his interest in Jesus pushes him to the outside of his own group and to the edges of Jesus’ followers.

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News Pastor's Note Sermons

Dry Bones Dancing

Imagine, if you will, the scene surrounding the prophet Ezekiel – taken by the Lord to a valley filled with dry bones. What kind of devastation must there have been for all of that death to take place so that there was not even anyone to bury the dead?

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