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Create Your Christmas Worship Space

Setting the Table for Christmas

As we continue to worship from our kitchen tables, couches, basements, and parking lots, we remember that the Spirit can and does show up regardless of our surroundings or circumstances.

Here are some ways to give your “Christmas Around the Tree” or Christmas Eve worship space some of those touches you enjoy when gathered in our buildings:

  • Create a small altar to place in your midst. This could include a bowl of water, some candles, an Advent wreath if you have one, and communion items (for Christmas Eve Day only). If you have kids in your home this could be a great morning activity to prepare for the evening.
  • If you can, take a break for other electronics the hour before worship so you come in with fresh eyes and ears.
  • If you typically dress up for church, dress up! If you love to be cozy and casual, be intentionally cozy!
  • Have an unlit candle nearby that you could light during Silent Night (battery operated candles are great for kids).
  • Turn down the lights and light the Christmas tree if you have one.
  • It’s possible—even from home—to arrive late 😉. Consider taking the 5 minutes prior to worship to settle in. Take some deep breaths, gaze at the stars, say a prayer, or have kids share what they’re excited for.
  • If you like to follow along with the service, download the bulletin ahead of time.
  • SING!!! Yes, there are wonderful musicians offering their gifts, but you too can make a joyful noise. See how good it feels to fill your lungs and sing out! Let’s join our voices across the community!
  • Remember that our streamed service will offer holy communion, so prepare your elements ahead of time-bread making is a great activity for that afternoon. https://gslcwi.com/2020/06/11/homemade-communion-bread-recipe/

For those who are looking to try something really different, consider taking a drive out in the country to worship under the starry sky from your phone.

The Spirit does not require any of these behaviors or items in order to show up—so if you end up worshipping from your car or hiding in your basement, that’s more than fine. The Spirit may find these wonderful spaces to catch you unaware.

Our traditions do not create the truth of the season. In fact, stripped of some of our traditions, we may be available to hear the eternal truth of the gospel in new and profound ways. We hope these ideas will help you and your household focus your hearts and minds for the experience of worship in your home.

The most important thing, of course, is that you come. Come to this story, come to this promise, come to this manger.

Come, let us adore Him!